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10 Free Fonts Every T-Shirt Designer Needs

10 free fonts blog title image

Today we’re serving up 10 free fonts that you will definitely want to install on your computer to improve your t-shirt designs.  There are zillions of fonts out there, so how do you know which ones are worth downloading and using?  We like fonts that match these two F’s: Familiar & Free.This Seems Oddly Familiar…People […]

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How to Beat 90% of Your T-Shirt Competition

how to beat 90% of your competition with pow! sign

Is the Market Saturated? Can you still make money selling t-shirts in 2019?  The market is becoming saturated. Lots of people have figured out that this is a great side hustle.  Are there too many players? In short… yes, you can absolutely still make money in 2019 and beyond selling t-shirts online.  Ecommerce now accounts […]

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5 Ways to Kickstart A Stalled T-Shirt Store

5 Ways to Kickstart a stalled t-shirt store

Okay, you’ve finally got around to creating an online store and putting some products on it. However, they’re not selling… or you’re not selling the quantity you’d hoped. Most people that want to sell t-shirts want to put a few shirts online and magically become wildly rich.  When that doesn’t happen, they decide that t-shirts […]

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Using Influencer Marketing to Sell T-Shirts

intro to influencer marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?Over the past decade, social media has created a new category of celebrities called “influencers”.  Basically, an influencer is someone who has a large, engaged following on social media and leverages that engagement to promote products.  “Influencer marketing” is when you hire an influencer to wear, review, and/or share your product with […]

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You Need To Sell T-Shirts with Product Pins

Selling t-shirts with Pinterest Product Pins video post

The OpportunityIf you aren’t using Product Pins on Pinterest to sell t-shirts, then you are missing a big opportunity!  According to Pinterest, 72% of Pinners buy on the platform, even when they aren’t shopping for it!  The numbers don’t lie!  Today we’ll review Pinterest’s data to show you a bunch of other good reasons to use […]

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Selling T-Shirts With Pinterest Product Pins

How to Sell t shirts with Pinterest Product Pins

What are Pinterest Product Pins?Over 175 million people use Pinterest every month.  To put that into perspective, that’s nearly equal to the combined population of France, the United Kingdom, and Italy!  More than half of those Pinners use Pinterest to shop for and purchase products every month.  Pinterest Product Pins facilitate that shopping experience.  Today […]

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Using Niche Marketing to Increase T-Shirt Sales

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Giant Tortoises & Niche MarketsDo you know how many different types of giant tortoise there are in the Galapagos Islands?  Twelve!  That’s a lot of variation in a small space.  The reason there is so much diversity is because they have each adapted to fill a different niche in the environment.If the tortoises weren’t different from […]

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Three Ways To Sell T-Shirts On Instagram

three tips to sell more on instagram text on a clothing store photo

It’s that idea that’s been nagging at the back of your mind for a while now.  “Hey, you should show off your merch on Instagram!”  Your products rock, and you know it, but for some reason you’re having a hard time just making yourself promote them!  You aren’t the only one, believe me! You probably just […]

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Selling Secrets: Sell to Social Media Followers Using Current Events

Man scrolling through Instagram feed on phone. Use Instagram to sell t-shirts

Sell More With Less BS…There are many articles and posts out there about how to sell to and monetize your social media followers.  Much of it is nonsense. Sure, there are good marketers out there… but do they actually make money selling merch? I’ve sold and coached the sales of hundreds of thousands of t-shirts. […]

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