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Profit from the “Deep State”

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What creates a hot selling t-shirt?  I’ll repeat this formula time and time again: Passion + Current Event.  Is buzz about the deep state current? Are people passionate about it one way or the other? Uhmmm… yeah!  The beauty is that as a t-shirt seller you can sell based on your beliefs or if you […]

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How to Get Designs Done Cheap

I would love to sell t-shirts, but I don’t know Photoshop and I don’t have the time to learn!  I’ve tried but it’s too difficult! I know! I’ve heard this before, many times.  So, you have three choices: 1) Quit and don’t sell t-shirts, don’t earn extra income, and don’t enjoy the nice things that extra income […]

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T-Shirt Trends 2018

A good t-shirt design can say a lot without saying anything at all. These are some of the trends that will capture everyone’s attention, even the choosiest of t-shirt wearers.Superhero Fandom T-shirt Design  Set to be a year of the most prolific superhero movies, 2018 will see a surge in superhero fandom designs. With big […]

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