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So you have a t-shirt store, and you've tried almost everything to get consistent sales.  There are lots of marketplaces out there you could use to get more sales, but they either cost money or take an exorbitant cut of your profits!

Fortunately, there is a better way!

Google Shopping ads are a great tool for selling tees today!

Graphic Tee Coach sellers have used Google Merchant to sell successfully for years on end and reach a wide variety of niches and audiences.

How it All works

You need several components all lined up in order for your products to appear on Google Shopping.

  • 1
    Products in your store.
  • 2
    A compatible product feed (XML or TXT format)
  • 3
    A Google Merchant account that pulls the feed
  • 4
    A Google Ads account that uses product info from Merchant to display ads for you.

If you've never worked with those things before, it can be a very intimidating task!  When you work with Graphic Tee Coach, we help you set up all of those things!

What we do to help You Succeed

Once you are up and running, we make sure you are set up for real long-term success.  Here are some of the things we coach you on to help you make the most of your Google Merchant feed and Shopping ads:

  • 1
    Install and configure plugins to generate merchant feed. We’ll ensure that Google is getting the right information from your store to boost your ad rank.
  • 2
    Set up your Google Merchant account. We’ll configure the correct business and shipping options as well as set an appropriate feed fetch schedule to get your products in front of consumers faster.
  • 3
    Set up your Google Ads account. There are myriad complications here so we’ll take care of the dirty work and link your Google Ads account to your Google Merchant account. People often get trapped into building ineffective campaigns that cost you money. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen to you.
  • 4
    Build a Google Shopping campaign. We’ll set the best options and prices to drive customers to your store.
  • 5
    Monitor the account approval process and intervene with Google if/when they disapprove your account. (Unfortunately, this happens often… we know how to work through the politics and technicalities).
  • 6
    15 minute follow up session. Once your feed is up and running and getting you sales, we’ll schedule an appointment with you to analyze how to further boost your Google rank and thus sales.

Get set up now for only $149!

Looking for Even more awesome??

Whether you are brand new to the business or have been working at it for a while and not achieving the success you want, click below to learn about the Premium Graphic Tee Coach membership!

Every membership includes:

  • Store setup (new sellers) or store review (if you already have a store)
  • Merchant feed setup
  • 1 hour of free professional graphic design work
  • Ongoing support for your store
  • Hot-selling t-shirt ideas sent straight to your inbox

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