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You might just be getting started with selling t-shirts online, or you might be doing everything yourself right now and not getting the results you want.  You can keep trying and grinding, but I can almost guarantee your store will never take off.  You need a successful business coach!

Some people try to do all of this on their own.  They Fail.

Even worse, some people put it off for later.  They Never Start.

We have seen over and over again that in order to really get your new t-shirt business off the ground, you need a solid online store and a constant source of new t-shirt ideas and support.

That's why we have created the Graphic Tee Coach Premium membership!

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Here's Why
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First, You Get An Awesome T-Shirt Store

Right now, Premium members receive a FREE t-shirt store setup/audit, and it is a *KILLER* deal!

Here's what you get:

  • We set up and deliver a ready-to-go shop to you.  If you already have a store, we'll make sure it's SEO-friendly and tuned for success.  Sellers make an average of $10 per sale! ($150 Value)
  • Free domain for a year & free site hosting ($159 Value)
  • SEO Tuning to maximize shoppers' ability to find your store on Google and other search engines ($50 Value)
  • Merchant feed account setup - This is HUGE. They are complicated but essential for success! ($149 Value)
  • 1 Hour of FREE professional t-shirt graphic design services ($49 Value)

All of that is worth over $500, but it is FREE for you when you go Premium.  WHY?!  Because Graphic Tee Coach makes money when you make money.  We are invested in you becoming a successful t-shirt seller.

Already have a t-shirt store?

If you already have a store, I guarantee we can still provide a ton of value to you!  Existing sellers who go Premium will get a free profit optimization audit to make sure you are making the best profits possible.  If our partner dropshipper can get you better margins, we'll help you migrate your store over so you can start making more money!

When you go Premium, you also get a Merchant feed account setup, SEO tuning, and a free hour of design services with your membership.

Sell More with Power Lists

For a limited time, we are offering a free Power List with your Premium membership!  A Power List is a hand-picked list of items and t-shirt design template ideas that you can use to rapidly create hundreds of products to launch in your store.  We regularly share Power Lists with our Premium members, so once you join you can expect to keep receiving Power Lists along with the rest of your Premium benefits!

Plus Curated T-Shirt tips & full store support

We provide stellar ongoing business support to all of our Premium members.  Your Graphic Tee Coach Premium membership includes exclusive t-shirt tips and online support to help you run your store successfully.  We have you covered!

After your 14-day free trial, you'll get ongoing support and dynamite t-shirt tips for only $9.95/month.  You only have to sell 1-2 shirts per month, and it pays for itself!  Save even more when you purchase a full year membership up front.

If you're like me, and you are looking for an enjoyable way to bring in meaningful extra income, then sign up today and let's get started!

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