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7 Small Changes That Will Make The Difference With Your Railroad Lawsuit Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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railroad lawsuits Lawsuit – Leukemia Caused by Benzene

A railroad worker who contracted leukemia as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals was awarded $7.5 million in a verdict of a jury. He was employed by two different railroad companies, and was exposed to Benzene which is a carcinogen.

The plaintiff’s job required him handle creosote-coated ties as well as equipment. He claimed that the chemical was frequently covering his entire body from head to toe.


Benzene is one of many hazardous chemicals that have been found to cause cancer. It is a carcinogen, which is present in diesel exhaust fumes, which railroad workers are frequently exposed to. Exposure to benzene has been linked to myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), acute leukemia, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma as well as other blood cancers.

railroad controls limited lawsuit workers are often exposed to a variety of carcinogens on the job, including creosote and diesel exhaust. Workers’ compensation might be able to cover certain expenses and losses, but not all. A benzene suit against a railroad might help plaintiffs recover damages that aren’t covered by workers’ compensation.

The widow of railroad worker John Thompson recently won a settlement involving benzene for wrongful deaths against his employer. Her husband was a maintenance of ways employee for the Chicago and North Western Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad between 1976 to 2008. He endured chronic exposures to various petroleum solvents that included benzene-laden creosote naphtha, coal distillates carbolineum, as well as paint strippers. John was diagnosed with cancers of all kinds including myelodysplastic lukemia during his career. He passed away in November 2009 of this illness. The jury awarded him $7 million as settlement. The amount is a large part of his medical expenses as well as lost income and suffering and pain.


A variety of chemicals are present in creosote, including pentachlorophenol, phenols, dioxin and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Exposure for long periods can cause irritation to the respiratory tract. Creosote exposure for long periods of time has also been linked to skin cancer and an illness similar to acute myeloid lymphoma.

Creosote enters the body through lungs as air pollution, through the stomach and intestines, either by eating contaminated food or drinking unclean water or coming into contact with the skin. It is rapidly absorbed through the skin. It can cause damage to the liver, kidneys the gastrointestinal tract, and the central nervous system. The toxins can be absorbed via the eye and can cause a variety of diseases.

Railroad workers are exposed to numerous hazardous chemicals in their workplaces. When they are injured by these harmful substances, they deserve compensation from their employer. Contact our dedicated blacklands railroad lawsuit accident lawyers to discuss your case.

The tiny Florida town of Hull was once home to a railroad company that treated wood with coal-tar creosote to protect, waterproof and insectproof wooden railroad ties. When CSX purchased the company several years ago the chemicals grew and contaminated the property around it. Residents are suing CSX over the contamination of their drinking water as well as their homes. Regan, the EPA Administrator, was in the area to learn more. Residents say that the contaminated drinking waters near the UPRR facility cause leukemia in children, as well as other health issues.


In the past, asbestos was utilized to make railroad materials. Asbestos dust could pose a threat to railroad workers who worked in steam trains and lawsuits in repair shops. These asbestos fibers were often brought home on workers’ clothing and hair and exposed their family members to the harmful substance.

Despite the dangers of exposure to asbestos, many railroad companies did not recognize or even deny its potential for harming workers’ health for years. Railroad workers who were diagnosed with asbestos cancer later in life didn’t receive adequate compensation from their employers.

Asbestos lawsuits differ from other claims for workers’ compensation due to their complexity. Railroad workers might be able to claim compensation under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). FELA is an alternative to traditional workers’ compensation laws. Railroad workers who have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease may file a claim under FELA provided that they can prove that their employer’s negligence led to their injury.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim that the railroad contaminated Fifth Ward with dangerous chemicals and did not clean the area. Residents of the community who resided in the area at the time of contamination suffered from throat and lung cancers, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. They also suffered from the loss of property value due to the contamination.


Railroad Cancer Lawsuit Settlements workers can be exposed to many carcinogenic chemicals, substances and fumes. These toxic chemicals are believed to cause leukemia as well as other fatal diseases in workers. Many of these incidents are the result of railroad negligence.

Rail workers are exposed to many toxins, including diesel exhaust, welding fumes, and asbestos. These exposures may lead to lung cancer, bladder and lawsuits esophageal carcinomas, kidney cancer, and other types of leukemia.

Exposure to benzene may be the main cause of leukemia as well as other bone-marrow diseases and blood diseases. It is a colorless and fluid that is flammable, and it can evaporate into the air. It is used in a variety of industrial processes and can be found in the environment in lower concentrations. The chemical is also present in gasoline as well as other products. The exposure to benzene, particularly when consumed or inhaled, can have a number of health risks.

Contact Napoli Shkolnik to receive a free assessment of your case in the event that you worked in a train or railway and contracted a serious illness such as leukemia, due to the negligence of your employer. We will assist you in recovering compensation for medical treatment, lost income and other damages. Our lawyers are passionate about helping Texans who have been injured.