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Aggressive linking

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ADITYAA D asked 4 years ago

Please refer below article given by you  , I am little unclear about finding our new blogs and site for linking , how to approach them , is there any way to find these sites and people for linking?
I have gone through below article :
Aggressive linking.  One way to get traffic to your site is to make sure there are many links to your site from other sites.  So, let’s say you have a hundred products on your site. That means you have a hundred product pages. If you can get other sites to post links to each of your products, then that means you have a hundred other sites linking to your site.  Google likes that. Your rank will go up. What sites would post links to your products? Social media sites, other website owners that you ask… or you could post links to your products on sites that allow you to post links. Some news sites or blog sites for example.