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Margaret Anne F asked 2 years ago

In your opinion, do t shirts with pictures or t shirts with just text sell better?

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Steve C answered 2 years ago

I went through some sales history and couldn’t conclude that either sells better than the other.  I looked at 6 months sales history and the top two selling shirts were text only.  However, I think it has more to do with the messages that were on the shirts rather than shoppers’ tastes.

Now, what I can tell you is that a poor image can ruin a shirt that would otherwise sell well.  And vice versa.  For example:
Let’s say you created a shirt with the words “World’s Best Dad”.  If you use a big, bold, grunge/distressed font you’d probably sell that shirt at some point (assuming you’re also adding “hot sellers” to your site).  But if you put a random image of a man on it, it might not sell.  The image would detract from the message and buyers would possibly not like the look.

Similarly if you put an image of something from some underground pop culture on a shirt, then put text underneath it describing what it is, you’d likely lose sales.  I think sometimes people buy shirts because they have a subtle message that only others who are in the know understand.  So they don’t want the images explained.

Long story short… both sell well.  But, keep them simple. Only use text or images where necessary for the shirt to work.