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TIP #1: How to use headlines to make hot-selling designs.

TIP #2: Using celebrities as your marketers

TIP #3: Watch sports, sell t-shirts!

TIP #4: How to identify long-term trends

TIP #5: Use Power Lists to create hundreds of shirts in a few minutes.

Like I said, I have sold THOUSANDS of shirts, so I know what sells and how to find designs and trends that will sell like crazy (fun story about that below...).

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My T-Shirt That Broke The Internet...

A few years ago, I set up an online t-shirt shop as an experiment.  I made around $7,000 selling a single t-shirt design in my first month!  There are many ways to make money in the t-shirt business, and regardless of your interests, whether it's sports, fashion, online gaming, or anything in between, you can turn that knowledge into meaningful dollars.

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I can coach you on how to earn life-changing amounts of money just by designing and selling t-shirts. Some people spend a few minutes a day to earn an extra few hundred dollars per month. Others spend more time and earn $60k, $80k, even $100,000 per year or more in additional income!  You can do this while maintaining a full-time job, and before long you'll be earning money while you sleep.

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