Or will you be frustrated, overwhelmed, and then give up?

Discover the Six Simple Things You Must Do to Sell T-Shirts

Watch the video above to discover the six simple things that successful t-shirt sellers do, as well as the common traps that prevent people from becoming successful.

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Let me tell you a secret about Selling T-Shirts

All of the Advice You've Been Given is WRONG

Everybody wants to know the latest t-shirt sales tips, hacks, shortcuts, tools and secrets.

And you know what?

Tips, tricks, hacks and shortcuts are massively overrated.

I bet you've tried countless of them yourself. You've read the articles, you've tried marketing techniques or marketplaces. And it didn't help you sell any more t-shirts. And unfortunately that's just par for the course.

Increasing your profitability is not about how hard you work. It's about turning the traditional retail marketing model on its head.  Work smarter, not harder.

And if you do it right, it doesn't really feel that hard at all.  It's actually fun!

This course is not a collection of tips.
It's a system that turns you into a highly effective t-shirt seller.

And I've got good news: you don't have to be gifted or especially talented to become a highly effective seller.

I've become a successful t-shirt seller despite the obstacles. And I've done so in a deliberate, highly systematic way. That means I have a teachable, repeatable system. A system that has worked for me, has worked for people I've taught it to and will work for you, too.

How is this Course Different From The Rest?

Everybody is an "Expert" these days...

You've probably gotten lots of advice from people about how to sell t-shirts online.  All of your friends probably think they know what would sell or how to sell it.  But most of them haven't ever sold a t-shirt.

Or maybe you've taken a course from a "guru" who talks a big game but can't really deliver the results you need to be successful.

That ends now.  At Graphic Tee Coach we have the skills and the connections to help you succeed!

When you sign up for this course, not only do you get the course content, but you also get TWO YEARS of free support (yeah, free.) from Graphic Tee Coach.  That's how serious we are about you becoming profitable and seeing long-term success.

Along with your enrollment in the class and two years of Premium membership, you will also get a fully functional online t-shirt store with quality products, free graphic design credit, Google Ads assistance, and access to various tools that will help you grow your business and stay profitable.

What You Get With The T-Shirt Seller Success Course

T-Shirt Seller Success is not just a course, it's a practical workshop.  Along with the video lessons, you'll also receive:

  • A working store with your own quality, unique products that people want to buy
  • An hour of free graphic design
  • A personalized Google Ads configuration walkthrough
  • All the tools you need to keep adding products and growing your store

Video Lessons

T-Shirt Templates

1-on-1 Coaching

The T-Shirt Sales Success system is divided into 6 modules of content, with video lessons, resources and tool recommendations spread all throughout. Every module provides you with further tools to manage your work, stay productive and grow your profitability.

6 Course Modules - Keys to Success

The Shift

Forget everything you think you know about selling t-shirts. Flip the traditional retail model on its head!

The Platf​​​orm

There are a lot of platforms.  In this module you'll discover which one is right for you to get started.

Product types

There are two major categories of graphic apparel, and the right balance is key to success.

Product IDEAs

Learn how to find winning ideas week after week, month after month.  There are so many resources available!

Product creation

Access proven successful templates, learn basic design skills, and use inexpensive, professional design services.

promotion & ads

Learn about Google Shopping, keywords, titling, mailing lists, and how to rank higher on Google.


Along with the videos in this course, you'll also get an individualized t-shirt shop setup and one on one setup coaching.  On top of all that, we are giving you two full years of support and ongoing coaching through the Premium Graphic Tee Coach membership.  That's how committed we are to your success.

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