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12 Vital Lessons For Selling Print On Demand Online in 2021 And Beyond

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About this course

12 Vital Techniques To Selling Print On Demand Online in 2021 And Beyond is delivered through a series of effective and easy to understand video modules, employing examples and lessons that can be applied to your business. 

This course is available entirely online and can be completed in the privacy of your own home, and on your own schedule. All lessons will be marked within a day of completion, and in addition to grades, you can expect feedback from our instructors throughout the course, preparing you to launch your store upon completion. 


Course Structure

3 Lessons

Products That Will Sell

What are Trending products, Hot Term and Long Term Sellers, and why do you need all of them? We'll answer that here, with examples. After the video lesson, complete the assignments. 

You must not proceed to the next lesson until you have received feedback from the instructors and a passing grade.  


Hot Sellers

Use the internet and social media to find 3 potential hot sellers, and a possible shirt idea for each. Design each with the Product Creator, and then hit the hyperlink to upload your images!  



Long-Term Sellers

Find 3 potential long term sellers online, and use the product creator to create unique shirt idea for each. Hit the hyperlink to upload your shirts and their titles and get graded! 


Trending Products

Use the web to find a trio of products that will be trending at different times during the year, whether it's seasonal or holidays. Use the product creator to generate a version of each. Hit the hyperlink to upload your designs and get graded! 

3 Trending Products



3 Lessons

Advertising Your Products

You've got products, now you need to know how to use Google's advertising features to get traffic that will lead to sales. This module explains how.



Intro To Google Merchant

Provide a basic explanation of Google Merchant, and how it helps shoppers find your products! Hit the hyperlink to upload your answer. 



Critical Importance of Keywords

Your titles are your secret weapon! Find 3 shirts or products and identify the keywords that are driving the traffic for them. Then use the product creator to generate shirts of your own, with unique keywords. Upload your answers via the hyperlink. Be sure to include a screenshot of each! 


Manage Your Google Shopping

Provide a description of each for clicks, impressions, and search terms. Then use the hyperlink to upload your answers. 


6 Lessons

Rapid Product Creation

As your business grows, so will your inventory. In this module we'll show you how to get hundreds of high quality products on your store in a short amount of time. 


Creating Products – Text Based products

Use the Product Creator to generate a Txt based shirt, then upload it to the hyperlink. Include a proper SEO title. 


Product Creation: Text Based Product Assignment

Creating Products – TSG Templates

Use the Product Creator to generate a shirt based on one of the TSG templates, and title it properly. Upload the shirt to get graded!  


Product Creation: Templated Shirt Assignment

Creating Products – Image Upload

Use the Product Creator to upload an image from your computer and create a shirt, properly titled. Use the hyperlink to upload your assignment! 

Product Creation: Image Upload Assignment!

Outsourcing – One Off Designs

Find an example of a shirt you'd like to sell, and then put together a design request for it. Upload your request to the hyperlink. 

Outsourcing: One Off Designs

Outsourcing – Generated Template Based products

Find a template based shirt you'd like to have on your store, and then create a service request for a similar series of shirts. Upload your request to the hyperlink to complete the final assignment! 


Outsourcing: Template Generated Assignment

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