Online T Shirt Selling

Rapid Product Creation

Module 3

As your business grows, so will your inventory. In this module we'll show you how to get hundreds of high quality products on your store in a short amount of time. 


Module Structure

Creating Products – Text Based products

Use the Product Creator to generate a Txt based shirt, then upload it to the hyperlink. Include a proper SEO title. 


Product Creation: Text Based Product Assignment

Creating Products – TSG Templates

Use the Product Creator to generate a shirt based on one of the TSG templates, and title it properly. Upload the shirt to get graded!  


Product Creation: Templated Shirt Assignment

Creating Products – Image Upload

Use the Product Creator to upload an image from your computer and create a shirt, properly titled. Use the hyperlink to upload your assignment! 

Product Creation: Image Upload Assignment!

Outsourcing – One Off Designs

Find an example of a shirt you'd like to sell, and then put together a design request for it. Upload your request to the hyperlink. 

Outsourcing: One Off Designs

Outsourcing – Generated Template Based products

Find a template based shirt you'd like to have on your store, and then create a service request for a similar series of shirts. Upload your request to the hyperlink to complete the final assignment! 


Outsourcing: Template Generated Assignment

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