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Amazon Store Setup

Thanks for your interest in the Amazon setup!

This is not intended to be a mean question at all, but if you polled 100 people in the street, would they be likelier to have heard of your store or Amazon? Exactly. Amazon and other giant online marketplaces have a cachet to their names because of how big they are and how long they’ve been around.

You can have your own Amazon Store setup for the one-time price of $99 OR you can become a Graphic Tee Coach Premium Member and get it for less than $40! Here are a few perks of becoming a Graphic Tee Coach Premium Member:

  • Member Pricing on ALL our products and services being offered.
  • We set up and deliver a ready-to-go shop to you.  If you already have a store, we'll make sure it's SEO-friendly and tuned for success.  Sellers make an average of $10 per sale! ($150 Value)
  • Free domain for a year & free site hosting ($159 Value)
  • SEO Tuning to maximize shoppers' ability to find your store on Google and other search engines ($50 Value)
  • Merchant feed account setup - This is HUGE. They are complicated but essential for success! ($149 Value)

All of that is worth well over $500, but you can get it for just $37 as a Premium Member!

Option 1

Amazon Seller Account Set Up


Option 2

Amazon Set Up + Premium Annual Membership

$37 + $162 Annually