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The Academy Awards

The Academy Award nominations were announced today, and for sellers, it's a massive opportunity to get hot selling/viral shirts on your store.

To start, take a look at all of the best picture nominees, and think about themes/templates that you could wrap around each of the noms.

For instance, a riff on the Single. Taken. Waiting for (celebrity) theme would be perfect. Just replace the topic with the name of the movie. Find 3 more themes and you've got 3 times the shirts on your store!

Next, think about quotes from the movies, or quotes associated with the actors and actresses who have been nominated. Maybe a line from the movie went viral while it was in theatres, or an actor/actress is finally getting nominated after years of being in movies. The Terminator's "I'll Be Back" is a classic example, but with a little research, you can find the appropriate phrase or saying. 

Get that phrase on a shirt, with a distinct font, and go further by trying to be creative or witty. As another example, Will Smith was nominated this year, and everyone knows he got his start as the Fresh Prince. Can you link that with his current nomination in some funny, unique way? 

Finally, be sure to check social media for quotes, mentions, and viral posts about the awards. These are basically market researched topics that you can capitalize on. The more likes and shares a post has, the more likely it is a shirt based on it will sell. Again, being creative and different is the goal here. Spend a little time looking at the trending posts and how you can be a part of the conversation in your own way!

So check out the nominations right here and get creating! And if you are in need of help with design work, we've got you covered. Check out the exclusive GTC design services site to get started.  


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