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Earn Gold With Your Sales

The Winter Olympics is coming up fast! And it's another prime event that you can use to boost sales. Read on for more...

What's On TV/Insta?

We mention this all the time, but it's because it's always a good idea!

You should always be watching what's happening on TV. First off, when there is a medal handed out, being among the first to put out a shirt geared around that is going to lead to sales. A good idea is to have a few templates set up in advance, and then when the winner emerges, you can just fill in the details. 

Secondly, in the event that something odd happens (an athlete goes to the wrong starting point, slips and falls awkwardly, says something weird/memorable in an interview) you can be ready to pounce with a funny shirt.

Also watch for people holding up signs at games. They are basically commercials for your T shirts. These Olympics aren't likely to feature much of that due to crowd restrictions, but you can find the equivalent on social media. Every day, check Instagram and Twitter hashtags about the events/games. You're bound to find a whack of potential shirt ideas.

Niche Sports 

Every Olympics features niche sports that don't get much attention the rest of the year, but go viral when medals are handed out. In the summer games, it was surfing. 

This winter, it could be luge, or Nordic Combined, or one of the skiing events. Or something else entirely. Keep an eye on trends, and highlight videos from the games. Find that niche sport or personality who is trending and you'll have an inside track! 


Finally, the Olympics always bring up conversations and chatter on social media about previous teams/athletes/memorable events.

Which players have a reputation for Olympic performance, good or bad? Are there any athletes with a history of saying things memorable? Or competitors with a rivalry or feud? 

You can bet that the media coverage and social media posts leading up to the games will bring all of that up again, and you can add products to tap into that chatter. Whether it's as simple as the date/time of a previous victory, a famous quote or a tribute to a player with a visually compelling image, with a little research and effort, you can create something unique that will sell.

And as always, if you need help with designs, check out our Services site and book some hours! 

Happy Selling! 



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