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3 Reasons You Should Be on Etsy

Is your store integrated with an Etsy store yet? If not, you’re missing out on ALOT of potential sales. In fact, Etsy saw their clothing sales spike by 79% in 2020, while this year has seen similar increases among their 27 million (and growing) active buyers. Still need convincing? Here’s a few more reasons to get on […]

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April’s Content Calendar

Get Set For April With These Events Every month, we’ll be sending out a few events and idea starters to get your creative juices flowing! In addition to finding the right blend of hot sellers and long term sellers, you can use events, sports, and theme days (which usually have useful associated hashtags) to bulk up […]

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Let The Madness Begin!

Basketball Game Poster

Tomorrow is the launch of March Madness, the NCAA’s most popular basketball tournament, and one of the more popular sporting events in North America. And like other big, border crossing events, it’s a huge opportunity for you to make $$$. In fact, sports in general is a goldmine of potential sales. Even if you only follow a […]

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Anime Your Shirts!

In addition to having the right blend of hot sellers and long term sellers, and planning out your production in advance, another path to boost sales is to have a wide range of uniquely designed, cool products on your store. Real eye catching stuff that fans and t-shirt aficionados won’t be able to pass up.  And […]

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International Women’s Day = International Sales

Monday is International Women’s Day. And like other big events (St. Patrick’s Day, sports, awards shows) this day has the potential to up your sales because it’s such a wide ranging and well known date. (Pro Tip: Put together a calendar of international events, special days, sport league kick offs, movie premiers and other pop culture touchstones. […]

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Free Sales Webinar

Check out this FREE Sales Webinar from the Graphic Tee Coach himself, Steve Clarke.  Among the topics Steve will cover to help you get selling are:How to find hot sellers to boost your trafficThe importance of properly titling your shirts (with examples)The proven T shirt formula to becoming a good seller

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