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Xmas Sales = More Quantity

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Now that the holiday shopping season is in full gear, you can reasonably expect to double and possibly even triple your sales. That's just the nature of online shopping; at Xmas everything is in higher demand.

But you can increase the annual seasonal bump and make even more $$$ with a simple formula: Quantity, Quantity, Quantity.

First up, take a look at your best sellers from the year. You already know that these are good products, so create more of them! Add new variations, try a different spin on the same topic, or change up the images. If, for example, you had a good seller based on a TV show, look at other characters, or sayings associated with the show. You'll find loads of inspiration.

Second, take a look at GTC product packs. This is exactly the kind of product that can get hundreds of high-quality products on your site in a short amount of time. You might have a theme in mind, or we can help you find a topic to generate loads of shirts.

Rather Be Jogging T-Shirt

Finally, increase the number of hot sellers on your store. It's always good practice to have a number of hot sellers every week, but if you can add one or two a day during the busy season, you're going to generate more traffic to your store. And more traffic means more sales! 

Need help getting started with a product pack or making a service request? Let us know! Email stu@graphicteecoach.com and we can get you sorted.


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