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The Power Of The #Hashtag



A great way to increase your sales is by carving out a niche.

And finding a unique niche is easier than it's ever been because of hashtags! Even if you don't use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter regularly, you can search out hashtags on those platforms for ideas and inspiration in finding a niche.

Start by searching for a few common hashtags, like #dogs or #movies.

Then go to Instagram and look at the top 10 posts in that hashtag.

Look at the hashtags being used in the top 10, and you'll start to get ideas of other popular hashtags, as well as some niche-specific hashtags.

Once you find those hashtags, start experimenting with them! You can use up to 30 hashtags in a post, so take advantage of it and use a bunch. You'll start to get a feel for which ones you get interaction from and which ones you can't break into yet.

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Happy Selling!


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