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Getting Set For The Spooky Season

Halloween is just around the corner (or down the street, if you prefer)

And the annual costume holiday is a great opportunity to up your sales! Particularly since October is the beginning of the busy season, getting a jump on the fall and Xmas rush will lead to more sales as we wind down the year!

Here’s how to capitalize on Hallow’s eve...

Avoid doing shirts that are generic, like Happy Halloween or Witching Season is here. You might see them in stores, but they aren’t at all what shoppers will look for when buying online.

Instead, think about some of the great scary movies, classic monsters, and superheroes. How many of those costumes will be knocking on your door this year? Tons! So consider what kind of t shirts would fit in with those costumes. A Welcome to Crystal Lake shirt for Jason. A Stark Enterprises shirt for Iron Man or the Avengers. Spend a few hours Googling and you’ll come up with plenty of slants/ideas.

Next, focus on shirt concepts that could serve as a costume itself. For this niche, think about the college party scene and 20somethings. Edgar Allen Poe, Emoji shirts, Cheap Ninja Costume, I have No Costume But I have My Dignity. These are ideal for the younger crowd who want to show up to a party or work trying to be funny or ironic. For this niche, search through Instagram and TikTok for ideas and trends. You’ll find a hefty dose of inspiration.

Lastly, consider the most important part of Halloween. Candy! In addition to the costumes and unique shirts, there is always a higher demand for shirts that cater to the collective sweet tooth. Find a list of the most popular candies and chocolate bars, and create a template to feature them. I’d Rather be Eating a 3 Musketeers. I’m Here For the Skittles. Find 100 and create 3 lists and you have 300 shirts that will sell this year and next!

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