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Get Ready For Puck Drop and Level Up Your Sales!

We're about to enter the best time of the year for sports; the fall means the return of the NFL, college sports, MLB baseball playoffs and hockey.

Like all sports, hockey is always prime ground for sales, and the intensity of the season can spill into memorable events (like a punch up) that can lead to even more tshirt $$$.

Here are a few ideas to take advantage of the return of the NHL season...

The Champs and The Chumps

First off, take a look at the big playoff performances from last season. Who won it all? Did a team make a miracle run? Did a heavily favored club flop?

You can bet that the media coverage and social media posts leading up to the regular season will bring all of that up again, and you can add products to tap into that chatter. Whether it's as simple as the date/time of a previous big win, a funny meme-ish picture that rubs salt in the wounds, or a tribute to a player  with a visually compelling image, with a little research and effort, you can create something unique that will sell.


History Lessons

Hockey in particular has some of the most intense rivalries in sports. Islanders vs. Rangers. Habs and Bruins. Philly and Pittsburgh.

In addition to creating some products to tap into those historic feuds, take a look at the fan bases that are the most vocal. The Islanders fans, for example, are loud and proud, and when the season rolls around, you can bet they will be looking for swag to broadcast their allegiances. Even though the Islanders Dynasty is 40 years old, you can capture the excitement of the new season by harking back to the storied past of many NHL clubs.

What’s on TV?

We mention this all the time, but it's because it's always a good idea!

You should also be watching what's happening on TV. For instance, people holding up signs at games. They are basically commercials for your T shirts. Or in the event that something odd happens (a dog running onto the field, someone streaking) you can be ready to pounce with a funny shirt. 

Woman Holding Sign at Sports Game

 What Are The Players Wearing?

More and more, athletes are using their platform and fame to make a statement, or just show off their fashion sense. Keep an eye on social media and the pre and post game coverage and see if any of the squad show up with a cool or unique shirt. Creating your own version/take can lead to plenty of sales inspired by the same kind of shirt.

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