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Getting Started

Okay, you’ve signed up with Graphic Tee Coach! Excellent. So, what’s next?

First, you’re going to get emails from that contain valuable information.  Note: if you are a gmail user these mails may go under your “Promotions” tab.  If you add me to your contacts they should go into your normal Inbox.

Second, you’ve got a few options depending on what your goals are. I’ve come up with a few categories for you to figure out which option is for you:

Which Describes You Best?

I know little or nothing about the business but I want to learn, set up a store, and start selling.

There are many ways that you can sell t-shirts online.  You could sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and myriad other marketplaces.  However, those can be expensive, complicated, and slow to get moving. To get you started selling fast, what I recommend for you is the approach that has served me and many others well – sell t-shirts on your own private site (e.g. Here’s what I’m going to help you do:

  1. Register your domain name.
  2. Set you up with a free ecommerce site.
  3. Set you up a free account with a dropshipper (Don’t know what dropshipping is?  Read my post here).
  4. Teach you how to upload some starter products.
  5. Show you how to advertise your products using a Google Shopping campaign.
  6. Provide you with a steady stream of tips and tricks to create new products that sell.
  7. You already have access to the blog posts on this site with all kinds of useful information.

Why do I recommend this approach?  First, it’s very, very inexpensive compared to any other option you may have heard of.  I’ve been an entrepreneur for many, many years, and I’ve never seen a legitimate business opportunity where the profit/investment ratio is as attractive as this one.  Second… it works.  If you follow my plan you’ll sell t-shirts and earn a profit… plain and simple.  That’s what this is all about.  Full disclosure… I earn an affiliate fee when you sell using my method… that’s how I can afford to provide this information to you for so little.  That said, I’m suggesting services that I have used and use to this day.  The services I suggest are based on the low cost and customer service that you need to be successful.

OK, let’s get you going.  You’ve got two options:

    1. You can purchase my “Easy Way” Shop Setup service. With this option, we take care of all the headaches associated with setting up an online store for you and walk you through how to get going. This is the fastest and easiest way to get selling and we have plenty of practice and associated success stories.  We’ll have you up and running in a couple of days.
    2. Do it yourself: Now, I do definitely recommend option 1. It’s very inexpensive for what you get. The value is huge. That said, if you want to save some money, you *can* do this yourself.  However, I’m not going to give you a generic instruction book. I’ve tried this in the past and have found that people struggle and get frustrated. I don’t want this to happen to you. So, two things:
      1. sign up for my Premium service (look to the right on a PC or below this article on a mobile device and find the Premium sign up button). The Premium service is $9.95/month, however your first month is free. So, there’s no risk here. If you feel like I’m giving you useless information, then simply unsubscribe from Premium in the My Account section and you’ll never be charged. I have confidence this will not be the case. 🙂
      2. after you sign up for the Premium service an “Ask Steve” widget will appear in the same area as you found the Premium sign up link. Click that, and simply ask me what to do next. I want to know some details about your situation and goals and I will give you tailored instructions for what to do.  Note: You can make your questions to me private by choosing the “only me and admin” option.


I am an existing seller and I want tips on how to sell more.

You have come to the right place! You want our Premium membership service. With a Premium membership you get the following… guaranteed to get you selling more:

  1. Weekly “Hot Tips” emails: Emails that will provide you with info that can lead to “Hot Selling” t-shirts. I.e. shirts that sell quickly, in high volume.
  2. Premium blog post access: Premium t-shirt design ideas that will sell over the long term.
  3. Ask Steve: Ask me specific, private questions about anything you want. You have an idea for a tee but not sure if it will sell? Ask me. Do you have knowledge in a certain area and want to know how to use it to sell tees? Ask me!

We’re so confident you’ll love your Premium membership that we’ll let you try it FREE for a month.  Even if you only sell one shirt a month you’ll have paid for your membership! If you decide it’s not for you, just cancel… no cost.

I just want to learn about the t-shirt eCommerce business.

In this case, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll get periodic emails that will link you to my blog posts that contain useful information from a t-shirt seller’s perspective.