Hourly Services FAQ – Graphic Tee Coach

Hourly Services FAQ

The most frequent questions we get are, "How long will it take?", and "How much credit should I purchase"?  Use the guidelines below to help you get a feel:

Simple Product Creation (6 designs per hour)

  • Create product using client provided or easily sourced images. Apply simple filters/effects (e.g. distressing, black and white, contrast adjust, posterize)
  • Title and upload product to your site

Moderate Product Creation (2-3 designs per hour)

  • simple designs that require additional text and font sourcing OR a simple design that requires adjustments…

Advanced Product Creation (1-3 hours per design)

  • Design product based on a concept or idea
  • Draw an image from scratch in Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Title and upload product to your site

Generated Product

  • Simple list creation: most data is available from a single to a few sources online (e.g. list of current world leaders) (One list per hour up to 1,000 items)
  • Moderate list creation: data is not available from a single source and must be manually entered or retrieved from multiple online sources (e.g. a list of slang terms by U.S. state) (One 100 item list per hour)
  • Complex list creation: data needs to be manually entered and/or manipulated. (e.g. a list of pluralized animal types by country – crocodiles/Africa, deer/Canada, elk/Canada, octopi/Japan, etc.) (One 50 item list per hour)
  • Template design (1 template per hour)
  • Running the generator and loading product to your site (30 minutes)
  • Surcharge: Note that generated product cost $2 each in addition to the base dropshipper fee.  This surcharge goes to the generator developer.

 Other Services (Marketing, Shop Set Up, etc.)

  • Every one of these projects is dependent upon what you want to do.  So, before we start any work, we'll give you an estimate.  As an example, let's say you want to launch a Facebook Marketing campaign.  Our first order of business will be to talk to you about specifics... do you have a Facebook account already?  Do you have an ad account?  Do you want us to set it up and you manage it?  Do you want us to manage it?  Do you want one ad or two for A/B testing?  Don't be overwhelmed... we will make suggestions if you don't know exactly what you want and give you a reasonable estimate on how long it will take.  Email us at support@graphicteecoach.com if you want to get a sense of effort before submitting the service request.

*Note: actual times can vary from estimates given unknowns including: complexity of request,  change requests along the way, etc.  But, we will keep you in the loop!

Ready to start selling more today? If you've already purchased credit for services, click below to submit your request.  If you're low on credit, click purchase credit.

Here's how it works: To use the hourly services, you'll first purchase credit, then submit a service request detailing what you need done.  After submitting your service request you'll be able to track work done and credit purchase transactions via our client service dashboard.  Hourly services are better for people who have continual, varied work for us to do or special projects such as this one.  If you have questions about pricing, email us at support@graphicteecoach.com or check our hourly services FAQ.