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11 Ways To Completely Sabotage Your Railroad Settlement Leukemia

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Laryngeal Cancer and Railroad Settlement

Asbestos, Railroad shoulder injury settlements diesel exhaust and other dangerous substances can be a danger to railroad workers. Contact a knowledgeable FELA lawyer if you suspect that your work at a railroad can be the cause of cancer or other illnesses.

Speech and language therapy could be an option if your cancer progresses and you are required to undergo surgery to remove your voice box (laryngectomy). You may also have an implanted voice prosthesis to aid you in speaking.


The Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) allows railroad workers to file lawsuits directly against their employers in the event that they can prove they were exposed to asbestos or other toxic chemicals at work. Often, these toxic exposures can cause serious side consequences, such as cancer and other diseases. While lung cancer is the most well-known illness linked with rail work, many other ailments can be traced to the time spent working on the job.

If workers are diagnosed with an illness linked to their work they might require extensive medical care that is costly. They could also be affected all caused by railroad how to get a settlement economic hardships and lost wages.

A settlement from a railroad for cancer could help cover these costs. However, the initial settlement offer could be significantly less than a person is entitled to. An experienced lawyer who has handled railroad injury cases can evaluate the settlement offer to ensure that it meets the needs of a victim.

In one case, Doran & Murphy represented a former engineer of locomotives who developed laryngeal cancer after decades of exposure to toxic chemicals in the railroad industry. During his career as a locomotive engineer, he applied degreasing agents on trains and handled silica-contaminated fuels, silica-contaminated fuels, and asbestos. The plaintiff claimed that these exposures led to his cancer as well as other chronic diseases. He was awarded $7.5 Million in damages.

Legal Representation

In the 19th and 20th centuries, railroad workers faced dangers at work that put them at risk for accidents like derailments and collisions. The workers were also exposed to toxic substances such as asbestos and diesel exhaust. When these exposures led to cancer the person who was exposed as well as their family members could be entitled to compensation.

railroad injury settlements workers who develop cancer should consult an experienced Railroad Shoulder Injury Settlements lawyer to discuss their options. They should not wait to allow the statute of limitations to expire. If their cancer is due to exposure at the workplace, they could be entitled to a substantial amount of compensation.

In a case brought on behalf of a former locomotive engineer for the Grand Trunk Railway by Doran & Murphy, the jury awarded damages in the amount of $872,000, after finding that exposure to diesel fumes and asbestos mesothelioma caused by railroad how to get a settlement the development of his throat cancer. The verdict was made without taking into consideration the history of the engineer’s smoking cigarettes, as it was evident from the evidence that the exposure to diesel fumes as well as asbestos at work was the cause of his condition.

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