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15 Reasons You Must Love Double Loft Beds For Adults

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The Versatility of a Beds Loft

A beds loft is a popular choice for college students who have smaller dorm rooms. It is also becoming more popular in homes for young people as well as teens and tweens.

Ideally the loft bed will fit along a bare wall without blocking doors or bed frame loft windows. You should leave enough space around the bed for people to move easily.


The ladder in a beds loft is the piece of furniture that allows access to the sleeping space above. The ladder is generally angled at an angle that allows climbing up and down easy and enjoyable for both children and adults. It is usually made of metal or wood and can come with a variety of colors, designs, and finishes. The ladder of a bed loft is a versatile component that can be used in many different ways depending on the design of the bed as well as the room.

Lofted beds can be an excellent option to maximize space in small spaces. They are ideal for creating a playroom study nook or even a bedroom above a living area for example, in a studio. They are also popular among college students who typically reside in shared apartments. If they’re fitted with desks, storage space, and seating, they can be transformed into mini-homes.

One of the most popular options for a double loft bed bed is a twin bunk with an integrated ladder. This is an excellent choice for a girl’s or a boy’s bedroom and can be decorated with bright wall decor to suit the theme. Under the bunks, a set of drawers will give ample storage space.

A full-size loft Bed Frame Loft that has a ladder can also be the ideal choice for an adult or teen bedroom. It is durable and strong and features a sleek, contemporary design that is compatible with various styles of decorating. This type of loft has a full-size mattress supported by solid wood slats which allow air to circulate to keep the mattress clean. It also has a slanted ladder that is situated on the opposite side of the bed, offering safety and security.

Some loft beds are designed for use with an office or desk that can be placed underneath the bed. This provides a space for homework, crafting and other tasks. These beds can be purchased with a matching cabinet and drawers or a desk that can be free standing. If desired the hutch could be removed from the bed so that the loft can still be used even if it is not in use.


A loft bed with steps is an excellent alternative to straight staircases. The stairs can be used to store things such as books, toys or animals that are stuffed. This is ideal for children who forget to put away their things or get frustrated when they can’t find things. Some loft beds are full with drawers that are built into the stairs, or a desk in the top bunk.

Stairs can also be a great option to incorporate themes into a child’s bedroom. For instance, you can set up a fireman’s pole for boys who like to play with fire, a barn wood finish for girls who love the Old West or drapes that simulate royalty for girls who are huge fan of Harry Potter. A wooden or metal loft bed with stairs can also be painted or stained to match the rest of a room’s design.

Some full loft beds that have stairs are designed to accommodate a twin mattress on top and a queen-sized bed on the bottom. They have a traditional style that is compatible with most home styles. They usually have panel headboards and footboards and a chest of drawers or a closet at the lower part. This type of loft bed comes with drawers with a dark, mushroom-like pull and plenty of room to store clothes and other items.

Students and teens living in small homes or working from home, will love loft beds of full size that have stairs with a full-sized platform on the bottom bunk. They’re available in a variety of frames and colors. They also have guard rails that encircle the entire bed in order to prevent people who roll in their sleep from falling onto the floor below. Some come with a built-in desk as well as a wardrobe for clothes, books, or storage containers.

Loft beds with stairs that focus on the desk aspect are a great option for older children or teens who are a big fan of homework. They come with a large space under the loft to create an expansive and large desk, as along with a set of slim drawers that can hold pen and textbooks. The loft beds are typically neutral or darker in color to blend with most furniture for offices in the home.


A slide can transform an old bed into a playroom for kids. Slide platforms can be added to lofts that are high and low loft bed as well as bunks. They come in various colors and finishes so they blend with any bedroom decor. This add-on will make your loft bed into an outdoor playground for children who love to slide.

Some loft beds come with a slide built-in and ladder, while others have the ladder on one side of the frame. The latter is more suitable for those with a small space since it doesn’t take up extra floor space. It’s also a safer option for children who are young because they can climb the ladder easily and avoid climbing too high off the ground.

If you want to keep your bedroom free of furniture, you can go for Bed Frame loft a loft bed equipped with a storage unit. This is a great option for those who live in a small space or bungalow, or even a house. You can pick from a wide range of designs, such as those with drawers, shelves or open shelving. Depending on your needs, you can even find models with an office desk and computer nook, which makes them the perfect choice for students or adults who work at home.

Loft beds with a desk offer ample space for studying and homework, and are a good option for those who do not have a separate room for this reason. You can beautify this area by putting in a stylish seat, a low-pile throw rug and floating shelves for books. Install an image rail to display photos and a table and chairs, art supplies, and a large bookshelf for extra storage.

A trundle bed is added to a loft style that is popular. This is great for accommodating guests that may need beds. This allows you to maximize the space in your child’s bedroom while keeping the room clutter-free.

Built-In Desk or Workstation

Think about a loft bed with built-in desks or workstations if you don’t wish to deal with the stairs or a ladder. This allows you to create a peaceful studying, reading or homework area right in the middle of the room where children can be organized. A loft bed with a desk is also a great option for college bound teens especially if dorm rules allow for it. A twin loft bed with desk is a fantastic option for any child who wants their own space to study or just have fun.

A bed loft is a cousin to a bunk bed, which is often used by children. A bunk bed is comprised of two mattresses placed over each other. A loft bed has one mattress, and it is raised on supports and leaves the floor space below for use as a playroom, bedroom or office.

Loft beds are available in various designs that can be matched to any style. Many are available in variety of finishes such as natural wood such as cherry, maple, or walnut. Some are made of classic colors, such as white loft bed or bright colors, that are easily matched to other furniture pieces in your home. In terms of price loft beds generally cost more than the traditional bunk bed, but less than a mezzanine queen-sized bed.

Loft beds can be used in any space but they’re especially useful in smaller rooms such as studio apartments or guest cottages. They’re a great option to create a bedroom without taking up the same amount of floor space as a regular bed, which is why they have a desk and dresser.

Before purchasing loft beds, make sure that your ceilings are enough to support it. A minimum height of 96 inches is recommended, which is four more than an 8-foot standard ceiling. If your ceilings are higher, a mezzanine or a bunk style loft bed may be better suited to your space. You can always add a bookcase or storage unit beneath the bed to increase the amount of storage space and workspace available.