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4 Dirty Little Tips About Fireplace Suites Electric And The Fireplace Suites Electric Industry

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Upgrade Your Living Room With Fireplace Suites Electric

Electric fire suites are stylish and simple way to improve the ambience of your living space. With modern and cream traditional styles available, choose the perfect match for your decor.

The Brindley wall-hung fireplace suite lets you fit a PR-900e electric fire against a flat wall with ease and comes with two paint finishes.

The fire

Electric fireplace suites are perfect for creating a focal point in any living room, whether you prefer contemporary or traditional style. These beautiful pieces include surrounds, hearths, and inset fireplaces. They let you create a luxurious appearance with minimal effort.

It’s important to remember that you can select between a gas, electric, or solid fuel option when selecting your fire. Gas fireplaces with traditional chimneys are the most suitable, while balanced electric fireplaces with flues are ideal for homes that don’t have chimneys. They also have an integrated heat distribution fan.

Electric fires are the simplest to install and they can be plugged into the wall and used as soon as they’re fitted. Some electrical suites are also equipped with a back panel that can be installed in a way that is flush against a flat wall, which is particularly useful for smaller spaces.

The most common electric fire suite is the Elgin & Hall Pryzm Vardo, which is suitable for both period and contemporary interiors. The suite comes with all black back panels that can be installed either flat or recessed.

The Celsi VR Media suite offers an excellent option for those looking for a stand-alone modern electric suite. This elegant suite comes with a stunning white finish and features an eye-catching VR Media 1100 three sided electric fire that features innovative flame projection technology that really makes this piece stand out from the crowd.

If you’re concerned about the cost of an electric fire suite will cost to run, be assured that there are many low-cost models available. Certain electric suites can save your money if you use them to supplement your heating system. You can lower the central heating and make use of your fire instead.

Like any other appliance it’s essential to ensure that the unit is plugged in properly. It is essential to not cover the plug with anything as this can lead to an over-voltage and create fire dangers. It is also important to avoid playing with any of the internal components, and ensure that it’s not placed near combustible materials.

The surrounding

There are many choices for surrounds/mantels which is an essential element in the overall appearance and feeling of a suite. There are many options to choose from including limestone to marble. Some surrounds also come with additional features, such as LED lights that light up the flame to create a more realistic effect.

Electric fireplaces are mounted flush against the wall, and do not require a chimney nor a flue. This makes them an excellent choice for those looking to improve their living spaces without the need to replace their existing wood or gas burning fire.

Our complete electric suites are offered in both timber and stone painted finishes. They’re ideal for any space, whether it has a traditional or modern feel. These packages include the electric fireplace and surround making it possible to find an ideal combination that will complement your decor.

Elgbaston, an impressive free-standing electric unit with modern design, showcases ACR’s PR-900e electric fireplace in stunning detail. The suite has a flat panel back that can simplify installation. It also has integrated warm natural LED Illumia downlights.

This stunning limestone finish is a low-cost and high-quality option that can add a focal point to any living space. It’s designed to be installed into the wall, and requires a recess of 55mm, which makes it ideal for new construction or home renovations.

This elegant suite from Celsi will instantly add a modern look to any living space. The suite was created to fit the most recent Electriflame VR Pablo fireplace. It comes with a remote and a beautiful flame image and log store that make it appear authentic.

This stunning fireplace suite comes with a stunning limestone finish and is a perfect addition to any modern or contemporary living room. It’s also very easy to put in and can be used with a flat back panel or back brick – it’s the perfect suite for those who don’t have the space for a full traditional fireplace.

The hearth

The hearth is situated beneath the surround, and provides an area to put up a fire. It will create an attractive focal point to any living space. It shields your floors and walls from being damaged by smoke or flames released from the fire. It is available in different materials to match any style of home. Certain surrounds come with features such as log storage areas and decor areas that enhance the overall appearance of the suite.

Modern electric fireplaces do not use gas or wood but generate heat via a fan process that’sucks in the cool air that is in your room to be heated through a flame effect or’real’ coals. This heat is then blown into the room for you and your guests to take pleasure in. This kind of heating is efficient and it does not emit any carbon monoxide which could be dangerous to breathe in.

Our electric suites are available in both modular and freestanding options. Modular suites are designed to be easily fitted flush against a flat wall. They are available in different size combinations enabling you to design your perfect space by mixing and matching design elements and premium finishes. The suites come with a fireplace surround and back panel and an inset electric fire and the choice of cream, black or white marble premium hearth.

Free-standing electric suites can be a great option and are a great way to transform your living space. These suites are available in a range of wood, stone, and limestone painted finishes. They have a stunning stone fireplace surround with an electric fireplace inset to create a distinctive feature in your home.

If you’re looking to use natural fuel or an electric fire, the appropriate kind of fireplace can aid in making your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. We carry a variety of balanced flue, gas and electric fires that come in contemporary and traditional styles that are suitable for all homes and interior design styles. There are stunning models of ‘living fire’ that will give your home a unique and luxurious appearance.

The back panel

The back panel in a fireplace suite electric play an important role and can be matched to your surround, hearth and fire to provide a stunning final look. It is made of many different materials, colours and finishes. You can even opt for an attractive decorative panel or glass back that can reflect the light from the inset fire and provide an additional element of visual interest.

The Katell Siena Italia Optimyst electric fireplace suite is a perfect illustration of how a fully integrated suite can make your home truly special. The stunning sandstone surround and natural oak hearth are complemented by a high gloss charcoal grey back panel that beautifully reflects the realistic Opti-myst flame effect heater.

Another alternative is the Gallery Cartmel Arctic White Micro Marble Suite that includes a surround, hearth and back panel that are hidden within the surround to create a seamless look. This elegant suite comes with twin spot lighting within the recessed surrounding and a stunning polished slate tiled hearth.

The ACR Edgbaston fireplace free standing suite is an excellent choice for those looking for something different. It’s designed to accommodate the ACR PR-1200e electric flame and comes in two paint finishes. The modern surround has been fashioned with a 3″ rebate that allows it to be positioned in a flat position against the wall to make it easy to install.

If you’re looking for a modern, minimalist style then the gorgeous Pureglow Kingsford Limestone Fireplace Suite is the perfect choice for your home. The stunning limestone surround is crafted with 3 inches of rebate and comes with ambient LED downlights that can be turned on to glow-only mode for additional cost savings. Electric fireplaces are extremely versatile and offer warm, cozy glowing light that instantly enhances any space in your home. You can select the flame-only setting to create a modern feel, or you can enjoy the full output of heat all year. Multiply the wattage by your electricity price per kilowatt hour and then multiply that by the approximate number of hours you utilize your room each day to calculate the cost.