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5 In Wall Fireplace Projects That Work For Any Budget

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In Wall Fireplace – How to Choose the Right Height and Depth for Your Fireplace

A built-in fireplace gives an elegant, polished appearance without the need to purchase an additional mantle. It is one of the easiest electric fireplaces to install.

There are some things to think about before purchasing an in-wall fireplace. To maximize the value of your investment, adhere to these suggestions:.


While it may appear to be something that is easy to answer, determining the height of your new fireplace is one of the most important decisions to make. The height of your fireplace will affect everything, from how it will fit into a space to its visibility. Having your fireplace raised to high could make it look unnatural and detract from the aesthetics of the piece. A fireplace that is too low can be lost within the wall space.

Electric fireplaces can be placed at different levels. For instance, a majority of people prefer to put their fireplaces at eye level from a sitting position. This typically requires a height of 40-42 inches from the floor to the bottom of the fireplace. Some people put their fireplaces beneath their TVs. This can be an attractive alternative.

However, the height of your fireplace will be determined by certain factors, such as the size of the room and the length of the wall on which you’d like to place it. The larger the space is, the bigger it will be. This could mean that you are capable of fitting a larger fireplace into it. The length of the wall is also crucial, as a longer wall can support a fireplace that is larger.

Another important aspect to consider is how you intend to use your fireplace. If you plan to use it to decorate your home, the lower height is ideal. If you intend to heat your home with it, you’ll need to make sure that the fireplace is tall enough to satisfy the safety and codes of your area.

The right height for your fireplace will help to make sure that it is in line with the decor and is easy to work with when cleaning or filling it. You can always consult a professional fireplace installation expert to assist you if aren’t sure what best height to choose. They can recommend the ideal height for your fireplace in accordance with their expertise and the design of your home.


The depth of a fireplace is crucial to know if you plan to install it in a recessed location. If you are planning to cut into the wall, ensure that you have enough room to accommodate the fireplace’s internal design (the space for the smoke shelf above the firebox and the flue that extends upwards from the roof). Also, think about the space you’ll have for the surround, and whether or not you want a mantle.

Many of the newer electric fireplaces come with the depth of being almost concealed, creating a “built-in” appearance. This type of wall fireplace that is electric is best illustrated by the Panorama BI Deep series. The model has a 5.8-inch depth that allows the viewer to see the flames and the ember bed and not the frame of the fireplace. It also comes with a variety of media packages, such as natural looking driftwood logs, white pebbles, or crystals of clear glass that reflect the flames and improve the ember bed.

Gas wall-mounted fireplaces also come in deep and shallow models. But, when deciding the depth of your fireplace it is crucial to remember that these units operate as a source of heat that is supplementary and should be properly vented by a knowledgeable professional. The length of the vent pipe, the size of the flue, and the distance between the stove and the vent are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when determining the depth of a gas fireplace.

If you decide to go with a surface mount or recess-mounted installation, it is essential to follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when installing your fireplace. A professional installer is recommended in the majority of cases. It is also best to have an extra person available when installing a gas fireplace.

Addition of an in-wall fire place to your home is an excellent option to enhance it and add ambience. It can also reduce the cost of heating. Additionally, it’s a great option if you are unable to fit an old-fashioned fireplace into your home due to the space restrictions or the location of your existing chimney.

Surface Mount

Surface mounts are a great option if you don’t wish to or aren’t able to cut into the wall to install an electric fireplace. They also give it a sleek built-in look. Some models, such as the Allusion line of electric fireplaces, can be mounted partially recessed into a wall without compromising the output of heat.

To begin the installation begin by marking the wall with pencil where the bracket is to be installed. Utilize a stud finder to locate the studs within the area, and ensure that each mounting bracket will be in front of one or more studs for stability. If a stud is not within reach or won’t work for your fireplace, you can use drywall anchors to help support the mounting bracket.

Once you’ve determined the location of the brackets for mounting, use a drill to screw them into the wall making sure they’re aligned with the studs. You can use studs or anchors made of plastic to secure each bracket. After the mounting brackets are in place, raise your fireplace, then hang it on the wall bracket. When the fireplace is installed, make sure it is level.

Before you proceed with the installation, plug in your fireplace and ensure whether all features are operating correctly – turn on the fire and light up the flames, play around with embers, heat, bed lights and more. When you’re satisfied with the results, it’s time to install your floating mantel.

Based on the model of your fireplace, you will either need to connect the wire connection to the appliance connector located at the mantel’s bottom, or if it has slots or hooks, connect them to slots on the brackets for mounting. After you’ve completed this process, consult your fireplace’s user manual for instructions on how to remove the glass front panel from the opening and visit the following post replace it.

If you have to alter the height you can replace the glass front once you have removed the front panel. If your fireplace has ember bed media, place it over the top of the grille to create a natural look. Then secure it with the screws included.


Unlike traditional wood burner fireplace-burning fireplaces, these electric versions don’t need vents or chimneys. They’re plugged into standard outlets and provide additional heat for rooms that are up to 400 square feet. They also have a variety of flame and heat settings so you can customize your ambiance. Certain models have LED lighting effects that highlight the ember bed and fire. Certain models have a grille on top that hides the manual controls, however they can be easily opened to reveal pushbuttons.

Electric fireplaces that plug in can be mounted directly on walls or installed into the wall mounted fireplaces for an aesthetically pleasing look. They are typically more straightforward to install than mantel fireplaces. Some units include a pedestal to allow you to put the fireplace on flat surfaces, such as a dresser or buffet. A remote control as well as mounting hardware and a log set are included. Based on the model, these electric fireplaces may include both flame and heat options that can be switched off for thejade.kr all-year-round comfort.

Certain models come with adjustable privacy glass that you can instantly change from completely transparent to partially. This makes these models popular for walls that divide common spaces for entertainment, such as living and dining spaces. These models can be utilized in bedrooms, where a fireplace is a cost-effective option to warm up a room and maintain privacy.

Although plug-in electric fireplaces don’t require hardwiring like built-in versions they must be installed on the wall that is at a minimum free standing electric fireplace of studs and able to support the weight of the fireplace. Some models come with a kit that comes with a pre-wired cord as well as a specially designed bracket to make the installation process less difficult. This kit is suitable for the installation of drywall or concrete.

When deciding where to put your wall mount electric fireplace (https://Telegra.ph/7-Small-Changes-You-Can-Make-Thatll-Make-A-Huge-Difference-In-Your-Fireplace-Wall-Mount-09-02), make sure it’s near an electrical outlet. Electric fire places that plug in can be plugged in to outlets on the same circuit as the electric fireplace, or into a designated outlet. It is best to choose a different circuit so that there are no other appliances in your home operate on the same voltage. This could cause a trip to your breakers.