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A Step-By Step Guide To Wall Electric Fireplace

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How to Install a Wall Electric Fireplace

The most effective wall-mounted electric fireplace can be either mounted or recessed to conserve space and create a built-in look. Some wall electric fireplaces can be wired directly to your home’s electricity system.

Many models are also portable, which makes them easy to move when you wish to alter the look of your space. They can also be connected to standard outlets.


A wall electric fireplace can be a wonderful way to bring warmth to any room. It is often used in areas where wood-burning fireplaces are not possible, such as bedrooms and offices. It’s an excellent choice for fireplaces for The wall the living room or family room and can create an attractive focal feature.

There are many electric wall fireplace heater fires on the market. When selecting one, it is essential to take into account a number of factors. These include size, heat output, and design. The size of the fireplace is crucial because it will determine the size of the space it occupies and how it fits in with the overall style of your house. The amount of heat produced will determine the degree of warmth your home will be when the fire is on.

Another thing to consider when selecting a wall mounted electric fireplace is the style and the finish. The fireplaces are available in a range of finishes, ranging from white and black to silver metallic and even wood veneer. It is important to choose the style that complements the rest of your decor and match the color scheme of the room.

A final feature to look for in a wall hung electric fireplace is the kind of heater it is using. The majority of these fireplaces utilize fan-forced heating, which means that a blower circulates air over the heating element to provide warmth to the room. These systems are typically efficient and can be controlled with the touch screen or remote control.

Certain models of wall-hung electric fireplaces also come with a display panel that shows the current settings of the unit. This is helpful when you’re not sure how to operate the fireplace or if it is malfunctioning. In addition the fireplaces are usually equipped with an automatic overheat protection system that turns the fireplace off when it starts to get too hot.

A different option to the traditional wall-mounted electric fireplace is the electric inset fire. These fireplaces are installed into the wall and can be recessed to make them less noticeable. They can be a perfect choice for those who are looking to add a modern style to their apartment or home without the hassle of installing.


When it comes to installing an electric wall fireplace there are a lot of factors to take into account. Firstly, you’ll need to decide on the kind of installation you’d like to have – recessed or a mounted? The choice is based on the look you want. A recessed electric fireplace requires you to make a space within the wall. A mounted electric fireplace can be set flush against walls for a clean look.

When choosing the location for your wall-mounted electric fire it is recommended to ensure that the location you choose is close enough to an electrical outlet for the fire’s power cable to reach. You might also want to relocate the plug socket to be closer to the fireplace to give it a more elegant appearance, while avoiding any unsightly cables showing.

Once you’ve selected a location for your new electric fire, it’s time to pull the tools out. Installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace is a simple task that can be done in around half an hour, provided that you have the right tools for the job. It is essential to utilize a spirit level in order to ensure that the brackets used for mounting are positioned correctly against the wall. You will also require a screwdriver and an electric drill. A ladder or scaffolding is needed to access the difficult-to-access areas of the room.

Next, you’ll need to measure the width and height of the location on the wall to determine the size of the fireplace frame that’s required. You can then purchase a pre-made fireplace wall kit, which includes everything you need to construct the frame. Alternatively, you can use blocks to construct an individual wall mounted bio ethanol fire to place the fireplace.

Before you begin drilling into the wall it’s best to test your fireplace to be sure it’s working properly. Before you start the installation plug it in and test the lights and heat. After you’ve completed the framing then you can connect the fireplace to the brackets for mounting and hang the glass face.


Electric fireplaces offer the ambiance of a traditional fireplace without the additional dangers of real flames and sparks. However, you must take the necessary safety precautions when using these types of heaters at home. Keep all objects from the heat, including your fingers. Also, ensure that the fireplace well ventilated to prevent it from overheating. Also, make sure to unplug the appliance when not being used.

Unlike gas or wood-burning fireplaces, which create real flames that can be dangerous to touch, an electric fire on the wall is created using LED lights, fireplaces for the wall video images or mist. This means it does not create the intense heat that could cause a warping of the surface of a metal or wood mantel ledge or burn flammable wall coverings, fabrics and furniture. This fact is a major reason why many people choose electric fireplaces in wall over their traditional counterparts for their homes.

The heat from an electric fireplace that is mounted on a wall can be warm and released from the front. That is why it is important to consider where the heating vents are on the fireplace before deciding on which one to buy. It is recommended that you have a 3ft space between the vent for heat on the fireplace and any combustible furniture or walls in your home.

It is important to remember that not all electric fire places produce the same amount of heat. Compare the BTUs of each model before purchasing. The more powerful the BTU number, the more heat will be produced in the room.

Check out the safety features of an electric fireplace that is mounted on the wall. Look for a model that is CSA-certified for electrical safety and has an automatic shut-off and thermal overload protection. This will reduce the risk of a fire hazard, or an electrical short circuit.

Regularly inspecting the fireplace for signs and wear is important. In addition, make sure to keep the fireplace clear of flammable materials and don’t place any furniture or drapes on it. To avoid overloading an outlet, ensure that the fireplace is not plugged in to a power source that is shared with other equipment or appliances.


Electric fireplaces for the wall – Read the Full Content – on walls are elegant and add atmosphere to any room whether it’s a condo, home or commercial space. They typically have glowing embers with a realistic flame that can be used either with or without heating. These units can be placed over furniture, such as a sofa or console. They are simple to use and operate by plugging into a standard electrical outlet.

The majority of models come in a variety of sizes to fit into different spaces. Some models can be mounted flush against the wall while others are recessed partially or completely into the wall, giving it an integrated look. Certain electric fireplaces can be mounted on an overhang, making it a more traditional-looking unit.

Installation of these models might require more effort, since they must be built around or cut into the existing structure within your home. They will however give an elegant, professional appearance than a single wall-mounted unit.

If you are looking for a more flexible option, think about a top venting electric fireplace. These fireplaces have an inbuilt vent to let heated air circulate at the top, which allows for the air to be spread throughout the room. They are also simpler to install as they can be attached directly onto a framed 2×6 wall, instead of being installed in a recess.

One of the latest models available is the Scion Trinity, a multi-sided electric fireplace that provides an unobstructed view of your fire display and a deeper ember bed than flat-screen electric fireplaces. It can be used with or without heating, and is available in two different sizes to accommodate varying spaces.

The MagikFlame wall mounted electric fireplace is a different option. It is a distinctive modern design. They can be hung from the wall or recessible. They also have a skirt that is trim to smooth any protrusion on the wall. They also come with a remote, so you can adjust the settings from anywhere in the room. They are available in a wide selection of finishes, ranging from black to white, to ensure that you find the right fit for your space.