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Affiliate program and T-shirtgang questions

Steve’s AnswersAffiliate program and T-shirtgang questions
Roger asked 5 years ago

Hi Steve. I just signed up for your program and t-shirt shop, I found your program through t-shirtgang and wondering if I will be using t-shirtgangs platform to down load my t-shirt designs to my new t-shirt shop because I use t-shirtgang to down load my shirts to Ebay also and Etsy. Also do you have a affiliate program for your platform? if so I would Love to promote it, I think I could drive a ton of business your way. Thats all I have for now. I’m looking forward to my new shop and doing business with you, it’s going to be fun and hopefully profitable. Thanks.  Roger

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Steve C answered 5 years ago

Hi Roger.  That’s great, looking forward to working with you.

Yes, we’ll be integrating with Tshirtgang.

We don’t have an affiliate program set up at the moment, but I’d be happy to work on one with you.  I’ll get in touch about that!