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Amazon Integration Won't Work

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Samuel F asked 4 years ago

When I atrtempt to list items to Amazon, I receive the following error message on each item:
Error : 13013
We’re unable to complete your request because this SKU is not in the Amazon catalog. If this was a deleted SKU, wait 24 hours before resubmitting it. If you tried to add this SKU to the Amazon catalog before, check your data and correct any errors before resubmitting.
Error : 8560
SKU 37986662-5XL-White, Missing Attributes standard_product_id. SKU 37986662-5XL-White doesn’t match any ASINs. Make sure that all standard product ids (such as UPC, ISBN, EAN, or JAN codes) are correct. To create a new ASIN, include the following attributes: standard_product_id. Feed ID: 0. For more troubleshooting help, see
Trying to navigate their help center even is very confusing. Can anyone walk me through this?

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Steve Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Samuel,

This shouldn’t be happening.  Log into your Tshirtgang account and open a support ticket (support link at the top) explaining the problem.  This appears to be a problem with the file being sent from Tshirtgang to Amazon.