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Ebay limits

joemartin1296@gmail.com g asked 6 years ago

I have designed roughly 110 shirts and I am no longer able to upload my designs to my ebay account, because it says ‘I have reached my limit of 1000 items’.  Is this limit permanent or can it be removed from my account? 
It says that I can become a “professional seller”, but I don’t know if that is something needed or that you recommend.
I have a limited number of sales – but 100% of my sales have come from ebay, so I am hoping 110 isn’t the maximum number of designs for ebay.  

1 Answers
Steve C answered 6 years ago

You should call eBay and request a limit increase. There’s a link on the seller dashboard. They will increase you once a month. You’ll definitely want to do that twice as Christmas approaches.
Secondly, the limit is based on a combination of products and variations (sizes).  If you limit your available sizes you can list more products. It’s a give and take.
Also, consider selling in Etsy. Our sellers have been hanging good success there. There are listing fees, but no limits. You could start by listing your best sellers.