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How To Research Ghost Immobiliser Price Online

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How a Ghost Immobiliser Prevents Car Theft

With 88,915 vehicles being stolen in recent years it’s no reason why people are seeking to purchase an immobiliser. This is an excellent security measure to prevent thieves from trying to steal your vehicle.

Contrary to alarms and key-fobs the ghost immobiliser fitting operates in a quiet manner and can be turned off with a unique PIN code sequence triggered by buttons in your car. It’s also simple to install and doesn’t require any additional devices or LEDs.

Easy to fit

Ghost immobilisers are a revolutionary way to prevent car theft by preventing thieves from hacking into or cloning the keyless system. It uses the buttons on your vehicle (steering wheels, centre consoles or doors) to generate a unique code that must be entered prior to it being able to begin. It’s hidden within the wiring and is undetectable to thieves as it doesn’t utilize LED indicators or key-fob signal.

It’s a brand-new product from Autowatch and is designed to work alongside a vehicle tracking. Its ability to deter thieves from copying your car’s keyless fob means that they won’t be able to steal your pride and joy without entering the unique pin code. It can also be put in on electric vehicles to defend them from hackers.

In contrast to factory-installed immobilisers that communicate via the car’s ECU, Ghost works on the CAN data bus which makes it a much safer and more effective solution. It is also inaccessible to the diagnostic tools that high-tech criminals use since it does not emit any radio signals. The thief must modify or replace the ECU in order to bypass Ghost which means that they will not be able to start your vehicle.

It is also easily removed if your car is stolen. This means that there aren’t permanent marks left on the interior of your vehicle. As such, it is loved by those who like to take care of and clean their automobiles. Additionally, the device is watertight and sealed so that it is safe to drive in the rain.

It can be used in a wide variety of vehicles including cars, motorhomes, vans and even ride-on lawnmowers. It is simple to install and doesn’t require cutting wires or alteration of the original equipment of your vehicle. This means it can be installed by any skilled mechanic or garage without causing damage to your beloved vehicle. Many insurance companies require their policyholders to install a ghost immobiliser as part of the package.

Hard to detect

Car thieves are becoming more sophisticated, and it is essential to guard your pride and joy against them. A ghost immobiliser will prevent thieves from being close to your vehicle and will save you the hassle of having to replace all the items they’ve taken.

Ghost immobilisers prevent your engine from starting until you input the correct pin code along with your key fob. The pin sequence can be as long or as short as you wish and is composed of buttons on the steering wheel and control panel of your vehicle, making it easy for you but impossible for a thief to guess.

The device is completely silent, meaning it cannot be heard by immobiliser relays. It doesn’t transmit radio frequency signals, which means it isn’t able to be detected by the advanced scan and code grabbing techniques that many modern thieves employ. It is virtually undetectable as it doesn’t contain any circuit wires that a burglar could cut to bypass the security system.

You can connect it to your smartphone application to verify whether the Ghost is functioning and receive real-time notifications whenever your vehicle has been moved or tampered with. You can also connect it to your smartphone application to ensure whether the Ghost is functioning and receive real-time notifications when your vehicle has been altered or moved.

This next-generation immobiliser is connected with your car’s CAN network and makes use of the original buttons on your vehicle to program the customized code. It can be easily modified with a simple process and can be switched to service mode, so that valet service providers or other third party companies can temporarily start and drive your car depending on the time and speed of travel.

The device can be fitted to any vehicle, whether it is an automobile, van or motorcycle. It can be connected to electric motors on cars, ride-on mowers and industrial machinery. It can be installed in less than an hour, and comes with a ten-year warranty and free installation. It is ideal for those who have spent a significant amount of money on their pride and joy, since it will keep them safe and provide peace of mind.

Easy to change

Ghost immobilisers are small electronic device that can be hidden inside your car and works silently to stop thieves from starting your car. It is connected to the CAN data network of your vehicle and a PIN code can be programed using buttons on the steering wheel or the dashboard. The CAN data circuit means that a burglar cannot listen for the click of an immobiliser or bypass the system with the use of a new key or by reprogramming the ECU.

A ghost immobiliser, unlike an immobiliser fitted by the factory that is built around a microchip that is in your vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) It is connected to the CAN network and is activated only by entering the unique pin number, which you know. When it is in service mode (used by valet services etc.) the ghost immobiliser will exit service mode depending on speed and time or when you enter your personal pin code again.

The Ghost immobiliser won’t interfere with other security devices inside your car. If you have anti-theft bolts, and a tracking device such as Tracker, then you can link this to your Ghost device. If your car is tracked by you and is reported stolen the tracking system will alert to the location of the vehicle. This will also stop your car from being stolen, cloned or even hacked.

Before installing your vehicle, you will be shown a thorough demonstration of the Ghost immobiliser. This includes a hand-over of owner’s manuals as well as a installation certificate and emergency card. Once you are happy with everything we will install the ghost immobiliser in a concealed location in your vehicle and there will be no sign that it is even there, besides the unique pin sequence that only you know.

This is the next generation of immobilisers that will safeguard your vehicle from key theft and hacking, relay theft and cloning without cutting wires, or adding aftermarket fobs for keys. The only way thieves could steal the Ghost protected vehicle is by physically towing it away and even then they will never be able to drive it! This is why it’s an excellent option for high-value vehicles like sports cars and vintage classics.

Repairs are simple

Ghost immobilisers prevent your vehicle from being stolen simply by requiring a unique pin code to begin the process. It is not hackable or bypassable by thieves, and it works silently. This makes it an effective deterrent to car theft. The device is simple to install and leaves no permanent marks on the interior of your vehicle. This makes it a great choice for car owners who are concerned about criminals targeting their vehicles.

It is crucial to safeguard your vehicle by installing an aftermarket security system such as Ghost Immobiliser. This technology stops your car from starting without the right key fob or Ghost II immobiliser access code, and will also stop thieves trying to copy your key fob or hack into your engine control device.

The Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser creates an unique sequence of disarming (like pin codes) using the buttons on your door panels, steering wheel and console. This sequence must be entered in order to allow your vehicle to be driven. The unique code can be changed and only you will know. If your vehicle is stolen, the person who stole it cannot escape.

This device also has the ability to combat a number of methods employed by thieves to hack into vehicles and steal them, for example, signal jamming devices that are spoofing keys, and replicating key fobs. It’s totally undetectable to high-tech thieves’ diagnostic tools and does not transmit radio signals, therefore it cannot be detected by thieves.

Ghost 2 can be switched off for valet parking and maintenance and fully activated when you are ready to drive again, meaning your vehicle is safe in the hands of a service centre or taxi company. It’s also easy to turn on and deactivate via an app on your phone for peace of mind while you are driving or parking up, even if you haven’t taken your vehicle keys with you.

This tiny, weatherproof device is a great safety addition to your car, Ghost II immobiliser especially for long journeys or when you park your car in the rain. It’s a simple and quick process that takes only minutes to complete. You can be confident that your vehicle will be protected for the duration of your journey.