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Keywords Format? Keyword research?

Steve’s AnswersKeywords Format? Keyword research? g asked 6 years ago

I thought I say an email or post about t-shirt titles or descriptions somewhere but now can’t find it.
Is there a good format for describing t-shirts? Like Category (Funny), Topic (Sports), Color (Black), T Shirt?  A really good example would be very helpful!
What is a good resource for researching keywords for SEO?
Thanks Steve!

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Steve C answered 6 years ago

Great questions.  First of all, I will be posting a “Primer” page in a couple of days that has all important information contained in it… including keywords.  In the meantime, here’s what I suggest:
If it’s a long-term seller (i.e. not based on current events) then title it the way someone would search for it.  For example, say you have a shirt with an image of a military tank on it.  You could title it:
Military Tank T Shirt
M4 Sherman WWII Enthusiast Essential Military Tank Collector Hobbyist Gift T Shirt
Obviously the second way is better.  Now you catch people searching for “Cool gift for WWII enthusiast”.
I find a great way to find examples is when you have a shirt you want to post, do a google search for a similar shirt.  See how the ones that come up first (not the ads) are titled.  You’ll get keyword examples from them.  If you do this, you’ll be in the top 5% of people selling online.  Most people do not take the time to do this.  If you do, you will sell more… without question.
Thanks for the question… I will post more about this soon.

Steve C replied 6 years ago

Oh, also… if you log into, there is a keyword research tool in there.