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Regarding setting up my t-shirt website?

Steve’s AnswersRegarding setting up my t-shirt website?
Roger asked 5 years ago

Hi, I joined your coaching group a few months ago. I spoke to a nice young lady over the phone i hope of setting up my own t-shirt website? She informed me that a website builder would be in contact with me, and it may take a week or so, that he worked remotly out of the country, in Jamacia I think? I have not heard anything as of yet? I would like to get this going soon if I can. Just please let me know what information you will need from me, I had thought i gave her everything I needed too? but let me know. I currently sell t-shirts on Amazon through the Amazon merch program and I’m doing quite well, and I’m at the 2000 tier, with about 1000 designs up at the moment and I also sell on a few more platforms also. I have tried selling my t-shirts on Ebay with the intergration between t-shirt gang and Ebay. but I’m having a few problems there? it’s a quantity issue, and not being able to select the quantity that i want? For instance just 1 t-shirt has 60 variations? and they quickly takes me over my selling limits, which is like 5000 items a month, I believe? I just have not had the time to go into it and figure this problem out. Also when i spoke to the young lady, I’m sorry I forgot her name? she also said I would be able to upload other products onto the website like coffee mugs, leggings, socks, cell phone cases and poster’s ect. I just want to confirm this, before I commit to this website. Thank you and please get back to me as soon as you can, I would appricate it very much. I’m looking forward to partnering with your company and selling some cool t-shirt’s and other items. Take care and I hope You and your family have a great Easter Sunday!!

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Steve C answered 5 years ago

Hi Roger,
You probably spoke to Natalie.  And, she was referring to John… who’s in St. Lucia actually.  We’ve actually sent you a few emails.  Maybe they are going into your spam folder? I will email you a link to set up an appointment with John as soon as I finish responding to your questions here. But definitely check your spam or promotions folder.

We can certainly help you sort out your issues with eBay.

As for other products, we are partnered with Tshirtgang and only provide support for the products that they fulfill.  Currently that is graphic apparel of various styles as well as phone cases.  Mugs, etc. we do not do.  However, there is nothing stopping you from listing those products on your Tshirtgang Commerce site.  If you need more advanced features, we can help you link WordPress/WooCommerce or Shopify (for example) to Tshirtgang on the back end.  It’s easier with those other platforms to sell non-Tshirtgang items.  For me, I personally focus almost solely on graphic apparel.  The margins are great and they sell well.
After speaking to John and going through some technical things, feel free to schedule an appointment with me and I can get into some detail on our selling/marketing strategies and tactics, etc.  I’ll include a link to my calendar as well.