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Transfer the possession of a private vehicle. Find out more

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The enrollment certificate of the auto or bike.
Bank document revealing down payment of the enrollment fee and transfer cost of the vehicle, according to Articles 26 as well as 27 of Regulation 2873/2000, Federal Government Gazette, Series I, Concern 285, which mentions the licence-plate variety of the lorry being moved and also the complete name of the seller or purchaser.
The tax identification number (TIN) of the purchaser.
A clear xerox of a valid Technical Examination Certification (DTE) from a roadworthiness test centre (KTEO).
Certification of non-arrears of circulation tax from the skilled tax obligation office (DOY) through of time the vehicle was had by the vendor.

In order to transfer possession (sale and also acquisition) of a signed up passenger car/ motorbike, an application needs to be submitted to the Directorate for Transportation and also Communications of the Regional Units of Greece, accompanied by the following supporting records:

Both the seller as well as the buyer must be natural persons.
To move 100% of the possession of your car (guest or two-wheeler), your lorry needs to be in circulation as well as no lorry tax should be due.
The automobile requires to have a legitimate examination certificate released by a Lorry Technical Control Centre (KTEO) card (if the lorry is less than 4 years of ages, there is no such need).
There should be no retention of ownership of the automobile or, if there is one, it needs to have been effected greater than 7 years prior to the date the registration licence was provided in your name.
None of the following observation codes need to be suggested on the enrollment licence: 003, 004, 005, 008, 023, 024, 030, 037, 039, 048, 064, 080, 084, 090, 092, 093, 097, 128, 133, 134, 135, 176, 178, 179, 182.
There need to be nothing else application underway for the particular automobile.

2 (2) automobile enrollment certificates (A & B) from the Traditions Office or a certificate of transfer of possession from the Directorate for Public Material Management (DDDY) of the IAPR with the relevant records.
a) Technical Examination Certificate from the roadworthiness examination centre (KTEO) of the car’s native land;

With this certificate, the new proprietor of the lorry will certainly be able to guarantee and also drive the lorry to-be-transfered for 1 month. As soon as the transport authority concerns the brand-new registration certification, the purchaser will certainly be notified to get it, offering evidence of repayment of the permit and also transfer ownership of unregistered vehicle qld fees of the lorry.

Two (2) Car Enrollment Certificates (A & B) from the Traditions Office.
Certification of conformity.
Clear photocopy of Authorities Identity Card.
A financial institution paper revealing deposit of the registration charge of EUR 75.00 for passenger cars or EUR 9.00 for motorbikes, indicating the name of the applicant/depositor as well as the framework variety of the lorry.
Transfer fee (based on Write-up 27 of Law 2873/2000, Government Gazette, Collection I, Issue 285) or, for exemption from the transfer charge/ instances dropping under the stipulations of VAT, a xerox of the relevant financial institution paper (billing or invoice).

The Digital Car Transfer of Ownership focuses on modernizing and also simplifying the procedure of lorry transfer of possession. According to short article 82 of legislation 4954/2022, the transfer will currently be made via the system drivers-vehicles. facilitating both the buyer as well as the seller of the car.

Car enrollment info.
If roadway tax has actually been paid.
If the lorry is in legal usage or otherwise.
If the car has been swiped.
The result of the MOT (KTEO) and also the day of the next examination.
The insurance information of the vehicle.

Cars and truck registration details– Registers of the Ministry of Framework as well as Transportation.
Information on MOT’s (KTEO)– Signs Up from the Ministry of Facilities and Transportation.
Details on the settlement of road tax, immobility and also residential or commercial property– Signs up from the Independent Authority for Public Earnings.
Automobile insurance policy details– Registers from the Information Center of the Auxiliary Fund for Electric Motor Mishap Liability Insurance Policy.

The seller chooses the vehicle he/she specifically has and wishes to move as well as the system automatically checks the conditions called for to proceed the process.
The vendor selects the transportation directorate of the Area to which the application will certainly be filed and also goes into the buyer’s Tax obligation Identification Number (AFM).
The buyer obtains an update by text message (sms) and e-mail message to visit to the application, approve the purchase and also state whether he/she or his/her rep will certainly accumulate the brand-new permit.
The purchaser as well as the seller, upon completion of the application, will automatically obtain at their Resident’s Inbox a certification indicating that the application was submitted and that the problems are met for the transfer of ownership of the automobile. The certificate bears the safety features of With this certificate, the buyer can guarantee and also drive the car in the process of being transfer within the Greek area for a duration of thirty (30) days.
The customer requires to visit the transport directorate of the Region suggested in the application to gather the brand-new enrollment certification, by presenting: