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Roger asked 5 years ago

Hi Steve. I have been a premium member for a while now with you. And I never set up my website with you?   I do have a website though t-shirt gang with my own domain name but I really can’t work with that website,I have had to many problems with it, down loading banners, logo to small and the biggest problem is everything is blurry, not super blurry, but it’s there. I have sent T-Shirtgang 3 or 4 messages regarding this and they tell me there is nothing wrong??????? So I stopped unloading on t-shirt gang and the website, there is no use, no one will buy a blurry shirt. So I wanted to ask you is the free website you provide the same or different? if so I my just move my domain to shopify?  Thanks

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Steve C answered 5 years ago

Hi Roger,
I’ve been reading through your account history.  Back in April I suggested you schedule a call with John so we can complete the set up of your site.  The free store we use is the Tshirtgang website.  If there’s something wrong with it we can help you fix it.  I can assure you that many, many people sell quite successfully using that platform.  You can use Shopify if you like but it will cost you $100 a month or so with the various tools and plugins you need.  Once we get you all set up you can expect that it will take a couple of months to get selling so personally I don’t recommend Shopify up front.  It ends up being a significant investment.  My suggestion is to get your Tshirtgang store up and running properly, load products, and make sure your  Google Merchant feed is set up and approved.  That’s really all it takes.  First step is a call with John to get this going: