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Where Is Suzuki Ignis Key One Year From Now?

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How to Unstick a suzuki key fob replacement Ignis Key

Suzuki’s quirky, affordable city car is getting a midlife update. It’s not a hot-hatch, but it can eat the tarmac in rural and urban areas with ease, and its handy turning circle makes town centre driving effortless.

The new model also packs innovative safety and driver assistance technology that includes lane departure warning and a drowsiness alert that’s a welcome addition on long drives.

Steering Lock

The steering lock is a vital security feature to stop your Ignis being stolen while it’s in drive. It’s an important safety measure however it can be a hassle when you need to get somewhere and you can’t unlock the wheel. There are a few simple actions you can take to solve the issue.

Make sure that the ignition switch is set to “on”. If that’s the case, try turning the key in the same direction as you did prior to the time that the wheel became locked. This could be tricky, but it’s typically enough to unlock the wheel.

If the wheel is still unable to unlock, you can spray a small amount of canned air into the ignition cylinder in order to lubricate it. Wear eye protection to prevent getting the canned air in your eyes. Liquid graphite can also be used to help lubricate the cylinder.

If none of these works you’ll have to replace the ignition assembly. This component can be found in any auto parts shop. Make sure to purchase the exact replacement suzuki key and Spare car keys Suzuki compare it to your old one before attempting to install it. Also, make sure to remove the cover that covers the ignition so that you can see and access the assembly.


The steering lock could bind the ignition switch and cause the key to become stuck. This is a safety feature that prevents your Ignis from spinning away while the engine is running. If this happens, turning the steering wheel will unbind it.

As time passes, your Ignis key can start to wear out and become harder to turn. This may not be the same as a faulty ignition switch, but it can happen. If this is the case, it is recommended to replace your key.

Check to see if something hinders your Ignis ignition key from gaining access to the cylinder. There can be dirt or debris which can become stuck inside the ignition cylinder and prevent it from turning.

In the end, you can try a little oil to see if it helps. There are a variety of lubricant that you can purchase, so take a look around your garage or at an auto parts shop in your area to find one that will work.

A silicon “glow-in-the-dark” key cover is another option. These covers absorb light and release it into dark or murky conditions. They will also help protect your key or fob from wear and tear. They are available for most Suzuki models and are available through the internet or from a nearby suzuki swift replacement key dealership.


A key can bend over time. The teeth of the key could not connect to lock cylinders the same way. This can prevent the key from turning. If this happens the key will have to be replaced. If you have spare Car keys suzuki (http://www.notre-environnement.gouv.fr) keys, it’s recommended to get it duplicated and store it in a safe place.

The ignition cylinder can also wear out. If the lock pins inside get stuck or stuck together it can stop the key from going all the way in or out of the cylinder. This can be resolved by replacing the cylinder however, it is recommended to replace the cylinder before the key gets stuck in the ignition.

If your Ignis keys are still stuck, even after you’ve tried the simplest solutions It’s probably time to lubricate your cylinder. Graphite powder or liquid graphite could help the lock pins move more freely, and Spare car keys suzuki also free your key. This is available in most auto parts stores. When applying the lubricant, ensure that your ignition is in park. Don’t attempt to pull it out of its bind it. This could result in more serious issues.


If you have tried all the easy ways to make a key remove its stick but it’s still unable to move, the final option is to apply fluid to get it moving. You can buy this lubricant at your local auto parts store and apply it using a cotton swab or an abrasive to the inside of the lock cylinder. Try again. Move the key forwards and backwards gently to spread the oil. You can try pushing it forward, but take care not to press too hard because you could damage the cylinder.

The key’s internal circuitry can also become inactive due to age and usage. It’s not as common as it sounds, so you’ll need to create a duplicate key.

The case of your Suzuki keyfob could also get damaged or worn. This is particularly true if you are using an inexpensive replica key fob that is made of rubber or plastic shell. In the event of a situation, The Key Crew can sometimes move the internal circuitry from your old key fob into an appropriate shell case saving you from having to purchase a new key fob. We’ll let you know what options are available for your situation when we call to schedule the service.