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Shop Setup and Configuration

Need to get selling on a new marketplace fast?!  We will talk to you about your requirements and put together a simple, coherent plan... then get the work done. Here's what we can do for you:

  • Set up a shop for you on eBay, WordPress WooCommerce, Tshirtgang Commerce, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, WalMart, Facebook, Instagram, or any other marketplace upon which you'd like to sell to get you selling more product online.
  • Bulk upload your products saving you time.
  • Ensure your products are effectively advertised.
  • Handle any unique requirements you may have for your shop to separate you from your competition.

Ready to start selling more today? Click below to submit your request! You'll be taken to our design services website. Login with the same credentials as your Graphic Tee Coach account. If you have any issues, use the reset your password option. 

Here's how it works: To use the hourly services, you'll first purchase credit, then submit a service request detailing what you need done.  After submitting your service request you'll be able to track work done and credit purchase transactions via our client service dashboard.  Hourly services are better for people who have continual, varied work for us to do or special projects such as this one.  If you have questions about pricing, email us at or check our hourly services FAQ.