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Become a Miner: Sell More Shirts


One of the keys to becoming a successful seller is to know how to find data that will drive your sales.

Trending hashtags and topics (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) are always a good starting point for product ideas, but there are a few other sources you can find valuable info. from.

-Your actual sales data/top sellers reports: What shirts of yours are selling? Try looking at your top sellers and finding new variations. This can apply to your Google store and your other platforms (Etsy, Amazon) which will have their own data points. 

-News reports: This is similar to trending topics, but it requires a bit more thought. Is there a big enough news story happening that could generate a shirt? A quote from a famous person or an event name that most people would know?

-Top 10 Lists: You see them all the time on social media, but have you ever considered using them for shirt ideas? For instance, around Father's Day you'll see lists like Top 10 Dad Jokes or Top 10 Dad Fails. Use those trending keywords and lists in to get in on the sales!

The data is always out there. You just need to mine it.

Happy Selling!



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