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College Football’s Return Means Sales For You

This Saturday marks the return of NCAA Football, and it's the kick off to the best part of the year for sports fans.

And where there are fans, there are t shirt sales!

When it comes to college football, there are plenty of ways to convert the return to the grid iron into $$$. 

Here are a few examples of things you can look for to inspire ideas...

What’s on TV?

Scores and memorable plays are of course huge opportunities to create products around (more on that later)

But you should also be watching what's happening on TV. For instance, people holding up signs at games. They are basically commercials for your T shirts.

 What Are The Players Wearing?

More and more, athletes are using their platform and fame to make a statement, or just show off their fashion sense. Keep an eye on social media and the pre and post game coverage and see if any of the squad show up with a cool or unique shirt. Creating your own version/take can lead to plenty of sales inspired by the same kind of shirt.


College Football is awash in historic rivalries; the annual Army-Navy game, USC and Notre Dame, Georgia and Florida, just to name a few.

Wherever there are long standing rivalries, there are ideas for shirts. Do some Google research on the best 25 rivalries in NCAA football, and see when the teams are playing. Then look for some popular memes and images on social media for inspiration from fans, and get your own version/take on a shirt. It's a guarantee that fans will be looking for shirts to throw shade at their hated rivals in the build up to the game. 

Post Game 

Finally, be aware of the scores and post game reports. Hit up the big sports websites like ESPN and the Bleacher report. Besides using the actual scores to create a memorable shirt or two, find out if there were any trending comments or quotes from the coaches and players. 

Not only can they serve as short term/hot sellers, if it's popular enough, it might sell for months, or even years! Every football fan remembers this memorable rant from Dennis Green. And you can STILL find shirts parodying it. 

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