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Getting Your Google Merchant Account Revived

It's been a challenging year for many who have used Google Merchant to advertise their products.

New accounts and older ones have been subject to ongoing suspensions for various reasons, primarily "Misrepresentation/Violation of Shopping Policies"

Google Merchant is key to creating ads and shopping campaigns across the Google shopping network, so if an account is been hit by one of these suspensions, it reduces the ability to market products. 

But recently we've seen some of these longstanding suspensions overturned, and new accounts established without being immediately shut down for said reasons.

So, if you're sitting with a suspended account, it's time to try and get it revived! 

Step one is to gather all of your account info and log in to your suspended Google Merchant account. You should see a msg at the top, and a button to contact Google.

You could have either a Request Review button, or a Contact Us  button at the top. Either way, you'll need to choose that option to try and get revived.

That should lead you to a form asking for all of the account information; as well as an option to explain your situation.  

When you get to that summary of the issue portion, be as detailed as you can.

Indicate you are selling products online and have followed all of the guidelines laid out to the best of your ability, that you are willing to make changes to bring your account into compliance, that you are a business owner, and that advertising on Google is a necessary part of your online product selling business. If there is an option to get a phone call, take it! The odds are much more likely that you can it overturned if you can speak directly with a Google representative.

Once you've started the process, reach out to us and let us know what happens. We can offer some advice based on other suspensions and try to help you get back. Email





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