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Sports = Sales!

Woman Holding Sign at Sports Game

The best news EVER (at least lately) has been the return of fans to stands of the big sports to North America. As we talked about during March Madness, sporting events are one the best sources of inspiration for shirts sales.

Not only are fans in the building great for the experience of watching a game on TV, it's also prime breeding ground for shirt ideas.

Take a look at the crowds, and you'll be sure to find a sign or two that are shirt worthy. If the TV cameras are on it, it's going to go viral, meaning you've got a popular topic to convert to a shirt. 

And there are plenty of others ways to make $$$ from sports.

Was there a controversial call? Did someone set a record? Did a team make or miss the playoffs? Did a star come through with a huge play? Did a player trashtalk? Did a rivalry spark up again? Was there an upset? Scour Twitter and websites like the Bleacher Report, and for hot stories.  

2021 is one of the best sporting years in recent memories, with the Tokyo Olympics and the Euro Cup Championships both taking place this summer. So if you are dialed in, you'll be able to cash in. 

Putting a hip, fun spin on sporting events and sports in general is an almost inexhaustible source of shirts, and if you are consistent and timely, those shirts will sell!

Happy Selling!


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