(Member Content) Tip #3 of 10 – Your Sports Addiction Pays Off At Last! – Graphic Tee Coach

(Member Content) Tip #3 of 10 – Your Sports Addiction Pays Off At Last!

Sports Fan

This is part of a 10 minipost series called "10 Tried, Tested, Proven Ways to Make $100K/year Selling T Shirts Online" that will help you become a better t-shirt seller.

Sports Junkie?  Perfect.

The magic hot seller formula: Current Event + Passionate Fan Base = $$$

What works with this formula better than sports?!

Do you follow any sports?  What’s the sport? Who’s your favorite team?  Who’s your favorite player? Who’s the most popular player?  Who’s the most controversial player? What they do, what they say, and what they wear all can lead to great t-shirt ideas.  Here are a few examples of things you should look for to inspire ideas:

What’s on TV?

Man Holding T-shirt

People holding up signs at games.  They’re like ads for your t-shirts:

Woman Holding Sign at Sports Game
Basketball Game Poster

Now, watching sports live and on TV or looking at sports news online can certainly give you t-shirt ideas.  But sports are a good source for long-term sellers too. Remember, once you get the traffic to your site with the current events, people will buy other stuff that’s on your site… the long-term sellers.  Do a Google search for “funny baseball shirt”, “cool football shirt”, “popular sports shirt”, etc. Come up with your own searches. You’ll get lots of inspiration for long-term sellers. Don’t copy people’s shirts, but come up with your own designs based on the designs you see that inspire you!


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