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T-Shirts That People Want – Hot Sellers vs. Long Term Sellers

In terms of sales longevity, there are two kinds of shirts you can put on your site. Slow-and-steady, long-term sellers… and hot sellers. Let’s start with a couple of examples I pulled off Google.  To the left is a long-term seller.  The long term seller simply states, “I’d rather be playing football”. Someone could buy that today, tomorrow, and as long as football exists. 

In the second example, it’s a rather amusing image of Johnny Football disguised in Vegas. If you don't know the story, look it up... but it's old and dead. This shirt may have sold like crazy when the story came out, but it would have quickly fizzled. However, many of those shirts may have sold over a short period of time.  The one above might be selling infrequently, but over an indefinite period of time. Which is better? Both! Here’s why:

Long Term Seller

Hot Seller

You need the long term sellers or you’ll constantly be trying to come up with hot sellers. That can get taxing. There are days when you’d rather just watch TV, put the tee business on hold, but still have sales coming in. Thank you long term sellers! There are other times when you just dropped the tranny in your car and you have to replace it. Time to think about some hot sellers! What you want is a mix. To throw a rough estimate out there, you might need 500 long-term sellers to sell like a single hot seller over the course of a year. That may seem daunting, but not really. Come up with 1-2 long term sellers a day and you have 500 shirts on your site in a year. But you should be setting your sights higher than that. I’d suggest to come up with at least 5 long-term seller ideas a day. If you come up with even one or two hot sellers a month you’ll be doing alright. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to make 5 shirts a day, then take advantage of a low cost service like, T Shirt Design Services. You need to get shirts on your site!

Here are a couple more examples. Try to figure out why the one on the left will sell long term and the one on the right would sell furiously for a while, then fizzle. By the way, the hot seller on the right would have been a hot seller at two different points in history - when the original album came out and more recently when the movie came out:

Long Term Seller

Hot Seller

Long story short, if you want to sell t-shirts on your own web site, you'll need hot sellers to earn money quickly and drive traffic to your site.  You'll also need long term sellers to continue to earn income when your hot sellers fade and you have trouble finding new ones.

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Steve got into the t-shirt business several years ago and has never looked back. He is now able to pass on his knowledge and experience through Graphic Tee Coach, including how to design winning tees, marketing your shop, and sustaining a strong profitable business in the long run.

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