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10 Free Fonts Every T-Shirt Designer Needs

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Today we're serving up 10 free fonts that you will definitely want to install on your computer to improve your t-shirt designs.  There are zillions of fonts out there, so how do you know which ones are worth downloading and using?  We like fonts that match these two F's: Familiar & Free.

This Seems Oddly Familiar...

People like things that are familiar to them.  A perfect example is most pop music.  It's all the same!  The band members look the same, the lyrics are all pretty much about the same stuff, and they all use the same four chords!  It's the same in rock, country, punk, etc.  Don't believe me?  Check out this video:

That means you don't have to be wildly original to be successful!  It means you have to learn from what others are doing to be entertaining!  Re-inventing the wheel takes too long.

If It's Free, It's For Me!

Besides finding fonts you like, another consideration is price tag.  We like to recommend fonts that are free for commercial use.  It's usually pretty easy to identify.  For example, free commercial use fonts on 1001fonts.com are marked with a green price tag:

Free Commercial Fonts Screenshot

10 AWESOME Fonts!

Click on the font name to visit the page and download.  You're going to love these!

I know, it's a confusing name, but as soon as you see what it looks like, you'll know why!

Check it out:

spiderman font

Here's one for you anime fans:

ninja naruto font

This font would go well with pizza and karate practice 🙂

Chlorinar Font

I have seen this font plenty of times.  Where have you seen it?

GoodDog Font

This font is less than a year old, but it is very popular!  Great for motivation and inspirational message shirts.

This bad boy screams propaganda and political tees!

One More Thing!

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