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How To Get Your Shirts On Amazon








Everyone on earth is using it, and getting your stuff on Amazon is a fantastic way to boost sales.


So why aren’t your shirts on there yet?


Because it’s almost Impossible for smaller businesses and sellers to do so. And even if you can open an Amazon store, you have to:


  1. a) know how to get an approved clothing and apparel account
  2. b) avoid they myriad potential pitfalls


But…we can help you. Your shirts and apparel on the biggest online seller on the planet. We’ve got a method that works. And we’ll teach it to you. 


Let’s first quickly go over the standard ways to get on Amazon, and why they are so ineffective. 


You could register a trademark and go through Amazon’s Brand Registry process. But, that’s expensive and unnecessary.  


You could sell through Amazon Handmade… however, if you don’t make and ship the products yourself, you could be quickly suspended.


You could purchase UPC codes, but that is also expensive and difficult to manage. 


The Graphic Tee Coach strategy to get you on Amazon is less complicated and less expensive than any of these methods. 


And it’s all about Amazon’s GTIN exemption process!  What’s a GTIN? It’s a global product identifier. A UPC (you know the bar codes you see on products?) is an example of this. 


So to get you on Amazon and get you selling,  we need to private label our products and bypass Amazon’s GTIN requirement.


Now, there are a few potential pitfalls. But we’ve identified the big ones, and developed tactics  to avoid you falling into them.



1) Time consuming product listing.  To avoid that you need to work with a partner who can bulk list products for you.  This is very important or you’ll be spending more time listing products than creating products.  That’s a business killer.


2) Hijacked products.  Many nefarious organizations from China and other places will hijack your product listing and you’ll lose your Amazon buy box.  This is bad! You need to know how to avoid this. (We’ll put together another video entirely on this subject) 



3) Suspension.  If your Amazon account is suspended they can withhold money owed to you… possibly forever.  You need to avoid doing things that will get your account suspended.


4) Not selling the right product.  I’ve heard estimates out there that 2 BILLION t-shirts are sold annually. That’s Billion with a B.  


This is clearly a phenomenal marketplace.  But how do you get yourself into that top ten percentile so that people see your products vs your competitors?  There are a number of tricks. You need to employ these.


At Graphic Tee Coach we can help you with all this stuff. We’ve been doing it for years, we’ve been on Amazon forever, and we know how to get the most out of this fantastic platform.


 And, you can try us at no obligation for two weeks.  If we don’t get you selling on Amazon you’ll find out very quickly and can cancel your membership before incurring any cost whatsoever.


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