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How to Keep the Christmas Sales Going

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I’m sure all Graphic Tee Coach members have experienced a nice sales bump over the last few weeks.  (If you haven’t… email and we’ll sort you out!)


For the majority who have, I’m sure you’re thinking, “It sure would be nice to have sales like this every month!”. Agreed.  So how to do it?  Here are a few tips:


  • Typically December represents about 3 regular months worth of sales.  So, if you want to sell in that many shirts in a regular month, you need three times as many products on your site.  That’s the simplest solution conceptually!
  •  Take advantage of the other seasons that drive holiday sales: St. Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day, and Halloween.  While you’re raking in the Christmas sales, start thinking about March and June… then in the summer start thinking about October and December.  Get ahead of the curve!
  • What is it about December that drives sales?  Holiday gifts of course.  What else drives people to buy gifts?  Birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc.  So, start making products that specifically target those events.  The shirts themselves may even be less important than the titles.


For example, let’s say some kid who loves monster trucks has a birthday coming up.  The parents / friends of that kid are going to search for “gift for monster truck fan”.


So, naturally you need a shirt on your site titled, “… Monster Truck Fan Birthday Gift T Shirt”.  So, what you’ll do is rank yourself very high in Google Shopping for that specific gift for that specific kid.  But keep in mind there are hundreds of thousands of monster truck fans who have birthdays every year.


Multiply that buy whatever other things people are fans of and you have many, many shirt ideas that hit a demographic of millions!


Happy Selling!


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