August Content Calendar – Graphic Tee Coach

August Content Calendar

Get Set For August With These Events

Every month, we'll be sending out a few events and idea starters to get your creative juices flowing!

In addition to finding the right blend of hot sellers and long term sellers, you can use events, sports, and theme days (which usually have useful associated hashtags) to bulk up your inventory.

So have a look at these events happening thought the course of May and get creating! Do some Google searches for products and shirts already out there that are capitalizing on these events, and put your own cool and distinct spin on it. And keep in mind that if designs are not your bag, we've got GTC services at your disposal to help get those ideas out of your head and onto your shop.

Happy Selling! 

August - Olympics

August 6th - Movie: Suicide Squad 

August 6th - World Beer Day

August 12 - International Youth Day 

August 13th - Movie: Respect (Aretha Franklin bio)

August 20th - Movie: The King's Man (Kingsman prequel)

August 27th - Movie: Candyman

August 30th - Sports: U.S. Open/Tennis 

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