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Channel The Luck Of The Irish Into Sales!

The time of year when all of us are a little bit Irish is fast approaching.

March 17th is an ocean spanning, party centric event that almost everyone is aware of, and that means it's a prime event to generate sales!

Now, this year it will be a lower key affair, due to the restrictions of Covid. But that doesn't mean you can't capitalize on the St. Paddy's day fun with your shirts and products. 

Right off the bat, take a look at your best sellers. Can you Irish them up? It could be as simple as making a copy of the design in Irish colors, or adding a four-leaf clover to some of your popular items, and then re-titling them with the appropriate keywords. Even if you can Irish up 10 shirts, that's 10 more potential sellers on your store, with a short amount of time and effort.

Next, think about Irish names. Find a list of the 100 or 150 most popular Irish names and surnames, and get them on a templated shirt. A great way to do this is with the product creator in your Tshirt Gang dashboard. You'll find dozens of customizable options, and with a few hours of work you could easily get hundreds of shirts on your site! 

Even something as simple as a variation of the I Heart NY shirts, with a Irish clover replacing the heart, will work. Find 25 Irish celebrities and use that template and you've got a cool, St. Paddy's inspired shirt. 

Need more inspiration? How about Irish authors, movies, tv series, beer, food and drink? You can find plenty of ideas for St. Paddy's day products among the wealth of pop culture Ireland has given to the world, just by doing a Google search or scanning social media. This method will require some high end designs, so the best way to accomplish this is by investing in design services time through GTC services. You can find examples of St. Paddy's day shirts that you like, and put in a service request for our team of designers to create variations for you, which will be properly titled and uploaded directly to your store. 

All of these ideas can help boost your sales, just by taking advantage of a popular annual event. And the best part is, that these kind of shirts and products have the potential to sell every year! So by getting them on your store now, you've got a product that will generate returns for years to come.

Questions? We want to answer them! Reach out to, and if you haven't already, be sure to join our FB group.

Happy Selling! 


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