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International Women’s Day = International Sales

Monday is International Women's Day.

And like other big events (St. Patrick's Day, sports, awards shows) this day has the potential to up your sales because it's such a wide ranging and well known date.

(Pro Tip: Put together a calendar of international events, special days, sport league kick offs, movie premiers and other pop culture touchstones. Check it regularly and you've got a product launch plan for every month of the year!)     

So how do you capitalize on International Women's Day?

Start with the basics. 5 or 10 variations of the date (March. 8th) with a simple Happy Women's Day will draw Google shopping attention.

Next, do some online searching for popular images that are aligned with Women's Day, and create something similar. Research famous women and women's rights leaders and look for slogans, iconic images and meaningful events in the women's rights movement. Weave those into imagery with the March 8th date and you've got a cool, unique product.

Don't have the time or the design skills? Take advantage of GTC design services, who can cost effectively convert your ideas into a sellable product and list it directly on your store. 

Looking for more?  Be sure to check for celebrities (Twitter and Instagram are the best places to look) who might be donning shirts inspired by Women's Day. Doing a variation on the shirts they might be wearing will get you some clicks.    

All of these ideas can help boost your sales, just by taking advantage of a popular annual event. And the best part is, that these kind of shirts and products have the potential to sell every year! So by getting them on your store now, you've got a product that will generate returns for years to come.

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Happy Selling! 


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