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Gearing Up For Summer

Summer officially landed on Sunday, and with it, a whole new season of sales possibilities!

As we've mentioned before, you should always be prepping and planning for the next season. But this summer is unique, because with so many outdoor events and sports happening, there are more hot selling/trending tshirt possibilities than at other times of the year. Here's how to capitalize...


To start with, check out all the sports! We've talked alot about how sports can mean big $$$ for sellers, and this year it's an even bigger opportunity.

The Euro championships are headed to the knockout stage, while the NBA and NHL are coming into their finals. MLB is in full swing, and in August the Olympics arrive. And that's followed by NFL training camps.

Was there a controversial call? Did someone set a record? Did a team make or miss the playoffs? Did a star come through with a huge play? Did a player trashtalk? Did a rivalry spark up again? Was there an upset? Scour Twitter and websites like the Bleacher Report, and for hot stories. And be sure to keep an eye on the crowds for the funny and trending signs that fans bring to every game. 

Woman Holding Sign at Sports Game


We aren't going to see the plethora of blockbusters that usually accompanies summer's arrival, but new movies are still a rich trove of shirt ideas. 

It could be as simple as the name of the latest Marvel flick with a cool font and the date it's in theatres, or a quote from one of the trailers. Or maybe a clever template, "I'd Rather Be Watching..." with the title of the film.  If you are more artistically inclined, consider doing something like a retro/vintage look to differentiate your ideas. And don't forget to use the GTC design services team if you want to save time!


Finally, consider all of the ways people are enjoying the outdoors at this time of year. There's a ton of possibilities for shirt ideas.

Camping, barbecuing, golfing, boating, hiking, sports, beers on the patio, road trips, vacations, RVs. Do a quick Google search for a few concepts that celebrate those things, and then put your own spin on it! Not only will you likely sell a few this year, they'll become long term sellers that will get bought up next season too.


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