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(Member Content) Tip #6 of 10 – The Power of Lists


This is part of a 10 minipost series called "10 Tried, Tested, Proven Ways to Make $100K/year Selling T Shirts Online" that will help you become a better t-shirt seller.

In order to hit your sales number, you’re going to need lots of shirts on your site.  How many? Well, it depends on:

  1. Your ratio of hot sellers to long-term sellers
  2. How hot your hot sellers are
  3. How good your long-term sellers are
  4. How popular your site is (i.e. how much traffic you’re driving to it with all your good keywords)

Put it this way… you’ll want as many long-term sellers on your site as you can get.  If you can get 3 a day on your site you’re doing pretty well. If you can get 20 a day on your site, you’re going to hit your number a lot faster.  

Now, it may seem like a tall order to come up with 20 t-shirt ideas a day.  Welcome to the power of lists! Now you only need one idea to come up with hundreds or thousands of shirts!  As always, if you haven’t already, sign up with https://www.graphicteecoach.com to get connected with some service providers that can actually generate shirts for your store based on your ideas.  You could come up with one good idea and turn it into hundreds of shirts for a few dollar investment. Yes, really. Let me give you a couple examples:

This shirt should give you a pretty clear idea for hundreds… even thousands more!  One idea (or template) to get thousands of shirts.

I Heart Boston T-shirt

Here are a few more that need no explanation:

Nurse Powered By Coffee T-shirt
Taco Squad T-shirt
Rather Be Jogging T-Shirt

In all of these cases you just need a good list to come up with thousands, and thousands more t-shirts.  A city list, an occupation list, sports list, and a food list.

So here’s a good approach that will give you your own unique t-shirt ideas.  Search for lists of things and then look for a template to match. Do a quick Google search for “top 10”, “top 100”, “top 500”, etc. to find some lists.  You can also search for specific lists like, “top 100 dog breeds” or “top 10 candies”. Whatever you can think of. Find the list, come up with a template that works with it, and make the shirts (or better yet have them generated for you).  There’s nothing better than getting several hundred shirts put on your site in a single day. Remember… people who make 10 times as much money as you don’t work 10 times harder… they just work smarter.


Steve got into the t-shirt business several years ago and has never looked back. He is now able to pass on his knowledge and experience through Graphic Tee Coach, including how to design winning tees, marketing your shop, and sustaining a strong profitable business in the long run.

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